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Mike Hope Photography

Dark & Light Petworth by Mike Hope

Stormy and Sunny Petworth Park late April

Origon Coast Light House by Mike Hope

Lighthouse at Heceta Head near Arch Cape Oregon

Mori Point

Out on Mori Point, hiking on Sunday

Petworth Lake by Mike Hope

Taken Spring Bank Holiday at Petworth Park UK

Petworth Tree B&W by Mike Hope

Tree in Petworth PArk with reverse and color drop

mist amongt the pines by Mike Hope

Septembers journey up the coast to Canada. stopped at Crescent Lake before going on the Port Angeles and Victoria

Early morning Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Shot early morning at Lake Crescent. A deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia

Columbia River Lewis & Clark Estuary

Fort Clatsop was the winter encampment for the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark from December 1805 to March 1806.

Near Atherfield Bay and Cliffs

Taken on an afternoon drive around the island

Pier on Duotone by Mike Hope

A picture of Hermosa Pier with a lightroom duotone filter applied. The shot was done toward the sun for the silhouette effect and high contrast look.

Cape Meares Lighthouse by Mike Hope

Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon coast about 10 miles from Tillamook. Arch Cape is also close by and Cannon Beach.

Mori Point ()

Mori Point near Pacifica, just outside of San Francisco. Spring hike after the rains.

Redondo Beach Spring by Mike Hope

Taken today walking around the beach using a DHG Super Circular polariser on the A7Rii

Petworth Lake and House by Mike Hope

A beautiful walk through Petworth Park in April.

Mori Point ()

Mori Point Pacifica Beach on the weekend

Mori Point on high

Mori Point, Pacifica Beach, just south of San Francisco. A great place for an afternoon hike. Hiyeni horshah tpeshah wahrep Aramai (welcome to the homeland of the Aramai)

Petworth on hill by Mike Hope (of )

walking in Petworth park late April

The Manor Castle Combe by Mike Hope

Set in a 14th-century manor and outbuildings, this upscale country house hotel is 13.2 miles from Bath and 7.8 miles from junction 18 of the M4. (from their web) It is beautiful and features a stunning golf course!! 5 Stars!!

Petworth R Stern by Mike Hope

Cloudy day in Petworth Park close to the lake

Petworth Lake with Dog by Mike Hope

Taken on a walk through Petworth park late April on a stormy afternoon

The Links Tavern by Mike Hope

The Links Tavern in Liphook, Hampshire, UK. Notice the pub sign and the lady with the golf club coming out from the sign. One of my favorite pubs.

Lake Crescent Evening by Mike Hope

Evening falling on Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park. Our last stay before moving on to Vancouver Island.

Evening on Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Lake Crescent is a deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia


on the Oregon coast near Cannon Beach

On the way to Arch Cape

On the September Road Trip up the coast to Canada

Anza Borrego Desert Blooms by Mike Hope

Out in the Anza Borrego Desert where the spring blooms are out in full color after the recent rains. Magnificent vistats!!

Desert Flowers Anza Borrego by Mike Hope

Second upload of Anza Borrego Desert Flowers first was a low res.

Indian Motor Cycle by Mike Hope

A Classic Indian Scout Motorcycle in the Anza Borrego Desert near San Diego, California

Hermosa Sunset 22nd ST 2 by Mike Hope (of )

Taken on the way home yesterday evening when passing through Hermosa Beach

Before the Dawn by Mike Hope

Walking Quinault lake in the early morning light with the mist changing every moment and the light evolving as the sun makes it's presence from the east.

Punch by Mike Hope

The Devils Punch Bowl, Hindhead, Sussex

CA Daisy Spring by Mike Hope

Daisies on the way to Hermosa Beach

Bridge to Autumn Revisited by Mike Hope

The bridge across the river "By Brook" to the Manor in Castle Combe UK on the edge of the Cotswolds. A magical "Harry Potter" village

No Swimming on Rocks by Mike Hope

Taken on today's beach walk trying the DHG Super Circular Polariser

The Warming Hut by Mike Hope

Shot in Crissy Fields San Francisco during a foggy afternoon. Got a coffee from the Warming Hut close by.

From Sunrise to Sunset

One old Canon Sunrise in the Grand Canyon to one new Sony A7Rii Sunset on Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Sunset nd by Mike Hope (of )

Taken on the way home yesterday evening

Hermosa Beach 28mm FD Canon by Mike Hope

Taken this afternoon on the Sony AR7ii with an old 28mm CAnon FD lens.

Pier Surfer one soft by Mike Hope

Taken one weekend in Hermosa Beach looking toward Manhattan. I believe it was the old FD 28mm Canon FD on the Sony A7Rii

Sunset Hermosa by Mike Hope

Driving home this evening and jumped out to catch a few shots of the sunset. Lovely clouds!! Hope you like it.


Early morning walk around Quinault Lake, Washington.

Little Falls by Mike Hope

From last September up in Quinault Lake in Washington.

Mori Point ()

Mori Point Pacifica wild flowers

Celebrity Solstice by Mike Hope

Celebrity Cruise Ship in Vancouver Harbor

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

On the way to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth on the Ferry

Palm & Trees

Test of the three shot bracket on 35mm 1.8

Palos Verdes Triail by Mike Hope

Hiking after the rains on the Turnpike trail in PV

LAX Encounters by Mike Hope

Rework photo from parking lot at LAX looking towards the Iconic Encounters Restaurant (now closed). Taken a sunset with the sun going down behind the structure.


Out whale watching off Vancouver island caught this impressive schooner sailing by.

Coast Guard under Tow by Mike Hope

Caught this pic as two US Coast Guard vessels were returning to Depoe Bay. One was under tow

Grand Canyon Sunrise

Really early morning rework on Grand Canyon Sunrise. I wanted to catch the sun as it broke over the rim and this was some minutes later.

From Sunrise to Sunset

One old Canon Sunrise in the Grand Canyon to one new Sony A7Rii Sunset on Hermosa Beach

Fun at Santa Monica by Mike Hope

Black and white of Santa Monica Fair Ground Rides

Big Eye in Black by Mike Hope

Big Eye London, on a September evening during a concert for Jaguar Ad.

Pelicans By Mike Hope

Walking on Hermosa beach after the rains and caught this line of pelicans flying by

Palos Verdes to Santa Monica by Mike Hope

A hike up in the Palos Verdes hills on a Sunday afternoon.

London in Hermosa by Mike Hope (of )

Taken near Hermosa Pier with an old Canon 40 mm on a Sony A7Rii and used lightroom filter for pop.

London in Redondo by Mike Hope

A multi timed exposure to soften the water and cloud giving a smooth effect and cutting out the motion of people.

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park.... Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

King Harbor from Shade Hotel by Mike Hope

A shot from the top of the new Shade Hotel on Harbor Drive Redondo Beach

The Power of Spring

Walking toward Hermosa close to the power station.

Mount Olympus by Mike Hope

Taken on he way from Victoria to Vancouver from the window of the seaplane. Early morning haze and distance but you can see the glacier topped peaks.


Up on Storm Hill April 1st


On the way into the sunken garden at Butchart Vancouver Island

Galaxy NTerranea by Mike Hope

Taken Saturday afternoon on cell phone as I didn't have my camera with me. I did use a little Samsung wide angle attachment lens.

The Devil's Punch Bowl

Recent visit to UK Hampshire and Surrey. This is a natural amphitheater in Hindhead and show one of the trails leading around the edge

Fingers of Mist

Mist rolling around the rain forest above Quinault lake in the early evening.

Quinault Sunset by Mike Hope

Sunset on our first evening at Quinault Lake, on the edge of the Quinault rain Forrest and the Olympic National Park in Washington

Lone surfer by Mike Hope

walking on the windy beach near Manhattan caught a lone surfer.


Hermosa Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Take with an old 24 mm f/2.8 Canon on Sony A7Rii into the sun at f/16-22

Lake Crescent Panorama

A panorama of Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park, Washington.

Depoe Solitude by Mike Hope

Walking in the morning light in Depoe Bay, on the Oregon Coast. A favorite haunt for grey whales and sightseers alike.

Through the Garden Gate by Mike Hope

Old Castle Come village street to the Manor House in late summer toward evening.

Santa Monica Beach Front by Mike Hope

Walking Santa Monica Beach

Evening Sun by Mike Hope

Just before sunset on Redondo Beach Pier,

Stormy Day Manhattan Pier by Mike Hope

Stormy Weekend in November on Manhattan Beach. The holiday lights have been put up and the star can be seen up on the top.

Seattle from Kingston to Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier from Kingston Ferry Crossing

San Fran Golden Gate Bridge Pop

A little re-work with Background layer effect for a bit more pop!!

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Rides on the pier summer weekend.

Golden Gate Bridge on Oil by Mike Hope

The Golden Gate Bridge caught on the fly with the 6D as I was running out of space. Was a bit blurred but a nice shot so I gave it some oil paint treatment in PS.

The Bridge from Fort Scott

The Golden Gate Bridge taken from Fort Scott near Presidio Park, California.

Golden Gate Bridge by Mike-Hope

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, taken from Hawks Peak

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

A foggy day at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Just waiting for the fog to lift to get a shot. It was cold too until you got back into the sun. The shot was taken in Crissy Fields off Mason Street

Golden Gate from Grissy Fields

Golden Gate from Crissy Field in the fog. Just waiting for it to clear.

The River at Fort Clatsop

On the road to Washington stopped off at Fort Caltsop on the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon.

Fly in to Vancouver by Mike Hope

Flying into Vancouver on a sea plane

Water Fall in Quinault by Mike Hope

Canyon SunRise Mike Hope

A revisit of the the sunup over the Grand Canyon. I worked some early morning exposures together and brought out more detail from the early morning light. Hope you like it!

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

Shot taken early morning just as the sun was breaking over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Quiet and cold. Perfect time to view it and watch as the majesty unfolds!!

Grand Canyon Vista by Mike Hope

A Little rework on this... this is one of the grand canyon shots from the helicopter shot while moving pretty fast with a canon 60D and 24-105mm lens. I was trying to hold steady!! I took another look and warmed this up a little to give it more depth. Hope you like it!

Who Painted Petworth House

Petworth House Sussex.

Kingston Ferry to Seattle by Mike Hope

Waiting for the car ferry in Kingston, Washington to Seattle with what I believe is Mount Rainier in the distance and the space needle in Seattle.

Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic National Park

Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic National Park looking down from the lodge toward this small water area of Kalaloch Creek with old dried trees.

Bridge to darkness by Mike Hope

Old bridge in Castle Combe to the Manor, given a darkening effect.

Catalina Sunshine

A shot of some daisy's with Catalina in the background just after the mist had lifted. A really clear day!! by Mike Hope

Another Seagull Afternoon by Mike Hope

A rework on the seagulls on the strand taken with Sony A7Rii and old Canon 28 mm FD lens.

EmptyPier by Mike-Hope

Cold morning on the pier. No one about

Fresh Popcorn

A fine example of a Popcorn Cart at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Most definitely worth as visit and not to be missed.

Depoe Bay N by Mike Hope

On the way up the Oregon Coast to Washington. Stopped off n Depoe Bay and watched some Grey Wales. Great town very friendly people.

Canoes by Mike Hope

Back Bay off the Pacific Coast Highway on the road to San Francisco

Hidden falls

Small water fall I came across while exploring around Quinault lake after the nights rain.

redondo beach old zoom by Mike Hope

Taken with an old 100-300mm FD L Canon lens hand held on Sony A7Rii

Garden Butchart

Beautiful Butchart Gardens near Victoria canada on Vancouver Island. This is definitely a must see if you are there and can easily spend a whole day.

Vineyard Afternoon by Mike Hope

Vineyards at Benziger Winery in Glen Ellen near Sonoma, California

Jack London Vineyards Glen Ellen

Jack London Vineyards Glen Ellen, taken in November last year. One of my favorite places.

Benziger Winery by Mike Hope

Beautiful Benziger Winery on Thanksgiving weekend in northern California

Under The light by Mike Hope

A rework of an earlier post with a little detail extraction and vibrance to give it a bit more pop! #sonyalpha

Stormy fish Redondo by Mike Hope

Stormy Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Waiting by Mike Hope

A high tide on a windy NWesterly breeze in Redondo Beach

Christmas on Manhattan Pier

Quick shot on way home at Manhattan Beach Pier

Christmas Lights Manhattan Pierby Mike Hope

Taken yesterday evening just after sunset on Manhattan Pier

Christmas on the Pier Manhattan by Mike Hope

Another take on Manhattan Pier... Happy Holidays!!

Windy Day at Redondo by mike Hope

Walking along Redondo Esplanade on a windy afternoon in April

Under Pier by Mike Hope

A shot of under the pier with soft midnight effect applied in post

An Hermosa afternoon by Mike Hope

Taken on a walk about this December with the Sony A7Rii and an old FD 28mm Canon Lens

Sun on Pier by Mike Hope

A shot into the sun with old Canon FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii

Afternoon on the Beach by Mike Hope

Taken with the Sony AR7ii and an old FD 28mm manual Canon lens

Man Pier Surf by Mike Hope

A shot at the weekend with old FD 28mm canon on Sony A7Rii.

ManhattanPier with two tankers by Mike Hope

A photo from last weekend taken with the Sony A7Rii and an old Canon FD 28mm manual lens

Stormy on Redondo

Stormy weekend on Redondo Pier

Gulls on Beach BW by Mike Hope

A walk on Hermosa a few weeks ago with the Sony A7Rii. Really liking it and was using an old Canon FD 28mm. Still my favorite.

Tony's BW by Mike Hope

Old Tony's Restaurant on Redondo Pier

Marbled Godwit by Mike Hope

Marbled Godwit on Hermosa Beach, California

Footprints on Hermosa

Taken at the weekend with old Canon FD 28mm lens on new Sony AR7ii

High Street Castle Combe by Mike Hope

High Street Castle Combe with the swans on the bridge

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Shot in mid September in the late afternoon in Bath in Avon and Somerset, UK. A beautiful city and historic roman remains

CanonmmFD Kincaids Glow

A little glow to this old FD 28mm on the Pier in Redondo Beach

Canon28mmFD Kincaids

Trying out an old FD28mm

Two Towers by Mike Hope

Tricorn Towers in Century Park

Manhattan Strand 2 by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Strand looking south from above the bike path

Stepping the Beach by Mike Hope

a 24-70mm L series canon shot

Redondo Dream by Mike Hope

A shot this morning on Redondo Pier with the Sony a6000 using multi exposure blending. The camera has to be really steady!!

Manhattan Beach surrealist

Taken from the Manhattan Beach Pier on a slightly overcast Saturday. Taken with 12 mm wide angle on Sony a6000

Hermosa Under Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Under Hermosa Pier with Sony AR7ii and old Canon 28mm FD lens.

Gulls on Sand

Taken with old FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii on Hermosa Beach, California

Pier Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Shot on the Sony AR7Rii wide angle multi exposure app (40) to smooth the waves

Soft Reflection Redondo Harbor by Mike Hope

weekend walk around the pier trying A&Rii with wide angle and multi exposure app

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Shot in mid September in the late afternoon in Bath in Avon and Somerset, UK. A beautiful city and historic roman remains. I had this up in color but thought it may be good in black and white! Hope you like it...

Rainy Castle Combe

Castle Combe in Wiltshire, on of Britain's "Prettiest Villages" Really is a treat. This quaint village on the edge of the Cotswolds is a must visit for anyone traveling this part of the UK. Used for many film locations such as Steven Spielberg's War Horse, Wolf Man and Stardust. The Manor House Hotel is a Five Star Harry Potter treat and a wonderful experience set in 380 Acres of lush green countryside with a superb golf course!!

The Street Castle Combe

The main street Castle Combe on the Bybrook River. Taken in late afternoon sun.

Kincaids by Mike Hope

Multi shot merge of Kincaids on Redondo Beach Pier shot this morning with the Sony a6000

Bath on the River by Mike Hope

Bath UK in a warm September day

Dusk Enfolds the Tree Two by Mike Hope.jpg

Walking around Golden Gate and Marshall Beach caught this tree and cloud that made such a good silhouette...

The Buoy of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island with Buoy in the foreground

Paradise in Glen Ellen - Mike-Hope

A beautiful spot to relax and unwind In the heart of the wine country close to Sonoma.

Benziger Glen Ellen

The beautiful winery of the Benziger family in Glen Ellen, Northern California. A wonderful place for a day out and a visit to the Jack London estate!! My favorite retreat!!

Redondo Flags Mike Hope

Alcatraz Recovered by Mike Hope

This is a new rendition of Red Sky over Alcatraz. I did a little more work and liked this one much more... Hope you like it too!!

Paradise in Glen Ellen

Beautiful Country retreat in Glenn Ellen, N. California

Old Town Canoe, Glen Ellen QuarryHill

On the Rocks B&W by Mike Hope

On the Rocks in Manhattan Beach, California, Stormy weekend

On the Rocks by mike Hope

Looking toward Santa Monica from Manhattan beach bike path on a cloudy day

Summer in Glen Ellen by Mike Hope

Summer garden and meadow with wild flowers in Glen Ellen California

Petworth House Crimson Sky

Petworth House with sky enhanced. Sort of classic look.

Castle Combe the Lane by Mike Hope

Castle Combe Village lane toward the Manor. These cottages are park of the Manor estate and can be rented out. This is a beautiful village at the edge of the Cotswolds. Many movies including War Horse have used as their locations

Castle Inn Castle Combe by Mike Hope

The castle Inn in Castle Combe on the edge of the Cotswolds in UK. This is a magical place used in many motion pictures. The last one was War Horse by Steven Spielberg

Petworth Grounds by Mike Hope

The grounds and gardens of Petworth House. The gardens and lake were designed by Capability' Brown

The Bridge to Autumn by Mike Hope

The bridge across the river "By Brook" to the Manor in Castle Combe UK on the edge of the Cotswolds. A magical "Harry Potter" village

The grounds at Castle Come Manor

The grounds at Castle Come Manor

Manhattan Pier Sunset

Manhattan Pier Sunset

The weir Castle Combe

The weir Castle Combe, ByBrook River

Gardens by the Avon by Mike Hope

Gardens in Bath by the river Avon

The Bridge to the Manor

The bridge at the entrance to the Manor Hotel in Castle Combe. A magical village at the edge of the Cotswolds where many famous movies have featured the town. It is a must visit and so beautiful. The Manor is definitley worth a stay...

ByBrook Bridge by Mike Hope

ByBrook Bridge Castle Combe, UK on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Long Horns of Dartmoor

The Telephone Box Castle Combe

The Telephone Box Castle Combe, Wiltshire, The Street

Castle Combe Oil by Mike Hope

Castle Combe Oil Effect

Redondo Sun

Redondo Pier Just before sunset

Arrowhead Resort & Spa - Mike Hope

Lake Arrowhead resort and Spa taken as the evening grew dim.

Bluff Cove by Mike Hope

Bluff Cove, Palos Verdes Coastline

Grand Canyon Fly By Mike Hope

The Heli ove the Grand Canyon Mike Hope

Taken from the Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

Wet Sunflower by Mike Hope

This is a sunflower I took in the living room in natural sunlight. I took five different exposures and then fused them in an HDR process. Then I added a software rain filter to give the final effect. Hope you like it.

Spring Snow by Mike Hope

Spring Snow in the San Bernardino National Forest. This is on the way up to Keller Peak and is really beautiful!

San Bernardino Mountains Arrowhead

Up in the San Bernardino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path Sunday afternoon.

Arrowhead Lake Mike-Hope

Lake Arrowhead on near Shoreline Village. Taken with the Canon EOS-M not particularly hi-res as was just walking around without the beast

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post at twilight. Taken on January 1st, 2013. Hand held Canon EOS-M

Redondo Rocks!

Rodondo with the 16-35mm.

Bird over Mist revisited

Bird over incoming mist on Palos Verdes hike Los Angeles California

Golden Gate from Battery Trailby Mike Hope

Golden Gate Bridge from Marshall Beach, late afternoon sun and cloud

Golden Fog by Mike Hope

Golden Gate from Crissy fields on a foggy September day.

Double Take BW Golden Gate by Mike Hope (of )

Golden Gate Bridge reversed and B&W for effect. Hope you like it!

Golden Gate from Battery Trail by Mike Hope

Golden Gate from Battery Trail San Francisco. This is from Marshall Beach, Park Presidio side. Taken Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Redondo Beach Old Public Library

Redondo Beach Old Public Library

Glen Ellen Lake Mike-Hope

Glen Ellen near Sonoma Northern California. Taken on Thanksgiving

Veterans Library Old Fig Tree Redondo

The Veterans Library Old Fig Tree in Redondo Beach. I just wish I could have got this some years ago before the fence went up. I really like the long shadows of the palms!

StoneHenged Again by Mike Hope

StoneHenged again out on the plain

Colorado River Grand Canyon by Mike Hope

Colarado Rive Grand Canyon from Helicopter filght

Grand Canyon Tree by Mike Hope

Grand Canyon Tree taken at the South Rim

Grand Canyon Helicopter Mike-Hope

One photo taken from the helicopter over the Grand Canyon. What an experience. Small 7 man helicopter from Papillion. If you have a chance you have to do it!!

Helicopter Grand Canyon shot Mike Hope

Taken from the helicopter ove the Grand Canyon

Tracks - Williams to Grand Canyon

Willaims to Grand Canyon Rail Road

Old Manhattan Pier

Manhattan Pier, Film Noir effect in the old black and white film look

Slant on Manhattan Pier

A shot of Manhattan Pier taken last Suturday. The light on the ocean was good and there was only a small swell. The slant gives it a sort of motion and the angle almost a 3D effect.

Just the Pier - Mike-Hope

One more. Can't seem to go past the pier without taking a shot!!

Marine Tower Sausalito

Marine tower shot in Sausalito, San Francisco. This one is in color which pops a little more...

Spring snow Mike Hope

Going up to Kelers Peak ran into the fresh snow and new spring growth

Big Bear Lake North Shore Mike-Hope

Shot at Big Bear lake a couple of years ago on the North Shore, late in the year.

Arrow way by Mike-Hope

One the way back from Arrowhead just as the sun was going down and the mist was coming up. Love being there!!

Hampshire Woodland Walk - Mike Hope

Flora Thompson country walk near to Old Thorns Golf Course, Liphook, Hampshire. Mike Hope

Evening in Yosemite

Yosemite sunset

Stone Henge

2nd shot with Brian Wheelers Gold Autumn

Point Magoo Cypress Tree - Mike Hope

Point Lobos Nature reserve on Pacific Coast Highway California. A magical place! Where the Cyprus trees cling to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Yosemite Lake

Yosemite Moods - Mike Hope

Yosemite, Half Dome just before it began to snow, The clouds move in fast and you can feel the sudden drop in temperature!

Moody El Capitan

Yosemite National Park

Roxanna in PV

The trail at the top of Crenshaw. Spectacular views down to Abalone cove and Catalina Island beyond

Horses in the morning

Hiking in Palos Verdes on the Crenshaw trail. Catalina Island in the distance through morning mist.

The Windmill

Taken at Lake Shrine in LA on an old Panasonic Leica

The old light house - Mike Hope

Situated on Pacific Coast Highway 1, california

Iguazu Falls

Awe Inspiring Iguazu Falls - Amazing Natural Beauty!!

Iguazu Falls - Mike Hope

Tremendous beauty, awe-inspiring at its very literal. It will move you!!

Iguazu Falls

One of the most awesome of the world's natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is an experience of a lifetime. Located primarily in Argentina, the falls are in a semi-tropical jungle ecosystem. These majestically powerful cascades are considerably higher and much wider than Niagara Falls. © 1998-2009 Discover Uruguay

The Neighborhood Church - Mike Hope

Beautiful Neighborhood Church in Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates, California. Mike Hope

Farnham Keep - Mike Hope

Motte and shell keep of Farnham Castle, Surrey, founded in 1138 by Bishop Henry of Blois.

Arundel Castle - Mike Hope

Arundel Castle, West Sussex UK, dates back to 1138

Arundel Castle wall

Arundle Castle, West Sussex UK, dates back to 1138. A great experience!

Turning of the Leaf

Glen Ellen Botanicals QuarryHill

Stone Henge


Stone Henge series with Autumn Gold filter by Brian Wheeler

Stoned Henged

Autumn Gold filter for stark contrast by Mike Hope

Stone Henge Autumn Filter

This is one of a series using Brian Wheelers Gold Autumn filter. I like the stark effect.

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty

Quarter Horse Trail

On the trail in PV

Redondo Beach Pier - Mike Hope

A windy day in Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Cowdray Park Castle

Cowdray Park UK, England

Old Cart in Garden

Weavers Cottage - Mike Hope

The Weavers Cottage, Cockington England. Near Torquay in Devon. Great place for a Cream Tea!!

StoneHenged Again - Mike Hope

The moody look to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain. UK Mike Hope

Balclutha - Sailing Ship Mike-Hope

The Balclutha Sailing Ship at Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

Life Guard Hut - Mike Hope

Shot into the sun on cloudy day on Redondo Beach. Moody feel with HDR effect by Mike Hope

Old Glory - California Republic

American Flag fying at the Ronald Regan Museum/library with the California Republic Flag below.

Smeatons Tower - Mike Hope

A picture of Smeatons Tower on the Hoe in Plymouth, Devon, england. Taken in the early morning on a great day in May.

Wave on Rocks - Mike Hope

Abalone cove, Palos Verdes, on a windy day with surf breaking over the rocks

Dark Pier - Mike Hope

Taken by Manhattan Pier this morning and a little post work in Lightroom. Nice day for a bike ride!!

Splash -Mike Hope

Just hanging around the Pier and shot this then reduced clarity to give it a glow effect.

Old Tony's Redondo Pier

Old Tony's Redondo Pier - shot hand held with Canon EOS-M. Early evening.

Abalone Cove Palos Verdes

Abalone Cove Palos Verdes. A little wild and sometimes lonely! Near to the old Marine Land and now the terranea spa Hotel complex..

Enjoy Malibu Mike Hope

Enjoy Malibu. Paradise Cove, 28128 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265


South Coast Botanical Gardens Palos Verdes

Sunset Redondo Pier Sails by Mike Hope

A picture taken around sunset of the metal sail sculptures on Redondo Beach Pier. I just liked the pattern and color here. Hope you like it too...

SissingHurst by Mike Hope

Sissinghurst: The garden at Sissinghurst Castle in the Weald of Kent, in England at Sissinghurst village, is owned and maintained by the National Trust. It is among the most famous gardens in England. Wikipedia . Also famous for Vita Sackville-West

Quarry Autumn by Mike Hope

Quarry Botanical Autumn leaves in Glen Ellen; From their site:Founded in 1987, Quarryhill is one of the pre-eminent Asian botanical gardens globally, featuring one of the largest collections of documented, wild-collected Asian plants in the world. It is centrally located for Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties as well as greater Northern California.

Tree Pop by Mike Hope

Fruit Tree in Autumn in the Benziger Family Winery - Glen Ellen

Tibetan Prayer Flag Tree by Mike Hope

Tibetan Prayer Flags at Quarry Hill near Sonoma on Thanksgiving

Power on the Beach.jpg

A Sunday Bike Ride on the beach in Manhattan

Torrance Beach from Malaga by Mike Hope

Walking on a Sunday afternoon along Malaga Canyon looking toward Rat beach, and beyond so Santa Monica

body glove by mike_hope

The Body Glove boat in King Harbor Redondo Beach

Walking on the prom Santa Monica by Mike Hope

Walking on the Beach Santa Monica California

Grand Canyon Awakening by Mike Hope

A Grand Canyon early morning shot just as the sun was coming over the east rim and reworked with filtered effect to enhance the mood.

Hermosa Fishing

Hermosa Pier

San Diego from Coronado by Mike Hope

San Diego waterfront from Centennial Park, Coronado Island

Botanical Building San Diego

The view of the Botanical Building with the Lily Pond and Lagoon in the foreground is one of the most photographed scenes in Balboa Park and a “must-see” destination in San Diego. Built for the 1915-16 Exposition, along with the adjacent Lily Pond and Lagoon, the historic building is one of the largest lath structures in the world. The Botanical Building plantings include more than 2,100 permanent plants, featuring fascinating collections of cycads, ferns, orchids, other tropical plants and palms. The Botanical Building also presents some of the Park’s vibrant seasonal flower displays. From Balboa Park Site:

The Boat House Central Park by Mike Hope (of )

The Boat House Restaurant on the lake in Central Park

The Castle in Central Park by Mike Hope

The Castle in Central Park at the edge of Shakespeare's Garden by Mike Hope

The Castle in Central Park by Mike Hope (of )

The Castle in Central Park

Sunset N End Manhattan Gas by Mike Hope

Driving home into Manhattan Beach pulled into the gas station to take a quick shot!!

Sunset N End Manhattan Gas by Mike Hope (of )

Stopped at the gas station and took a quick shot just coming into Manhattan Beach.

Central Park Leaves by Mike Hope

Walking in Central Park with Sony A6000 as I left the A7RII behind!

Central Park Running in Leaves by Mike Hope

Two runners and some nice art work in Central Park, New York, early November

Early Morning Redondo by Mike Hope

A walk around the pie with an old Canon FD 28mm 2.8

Hermosa Sunset nd St by Mike Hope

Driving home through Hermosa

Hermosa Sunset () nd St by Mike Hope

On way home stopped at 22nd street to take this shot just after sunset

Canyon Village Adobe

Grand Canyon Village Adobe building

La Venta Palos Verdes Vista

La Venta Inn Palios Verdes. Beautiful afternoon vista with a clear day

Guiding Light - Vicente Lighthouse

Weekend walkabout on the peninsula. Shot into the sun and processed with a light filter effect in post.

Old Polly's by Mike Hope (of )

Picture of the old Polly's on the Pier, the weekend after they closed down for good. Sad days but they have opened on the boardwalk if you need a good breakfast!