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Mike Hope Photography

Roxanna HC by Mike Hope

Shot with the Canon EOS-M with 22mm 1.8 and used high contrast kodak filter to give the look.


A Didgeridoo player outside the museum of man in San Diego

Hot Sausage Company by Mike Hope

Walk Street in historic Roman city of Bath in somerset, England, with hot sausage seller in the background

Barker Hanger Girl at Wall - Artworks for the Cure

A shot inside theArtworks for the Cure exhibit in Santa Monica with the Canon EOS-M hand held no flash... What an inspiring display. Check out the artists at Artworks for the cure 2013...

Colorful Lady on Steps

A quick shot caught walking along the boardwalk this afternoon of a colorful lady on the mosaic tiled steps

Street Artist by Mike Hope

Street Artist in Pike Place Market, Seattle

Water Taxi

Water Taxi in Victoria Harbor, Canada

Mike-Hope on The Rim

Taken on South Rim Grand Canyon of me Mike Hope

Bottle Top Checkers by Mike Hope

Shot on the pier with new Sony a7R2 and canon 40mm pancake. Two fishermen friends play a board game on cardboard with coke a Cola bottle tops.

London Bobbies

London Bobbies, Police on the Beat!

Turn to Clear Vision

Mike Hope, Hermosaman, Michael-Hope

Buenos Aires Street Theatre Mike Hope

Buenos Aires Street Theatre


Traditional dress ladies on the street in Bath on Avon in somerset, england

Deck Chair Lady

Going through a collection of old 35mm slides, I found this one and scanned it on an HP flat bed. I think this lovely lady is renting deck chairs. It could be in the UK as I think the newspaper is a Daily Mirror! Hope you like it!

Argentina Boys by Mike-Hope

At the Toms shoe drop in Argentina 2007 at Christmas time in the park

Live Art by Mike Hope

A street artist on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica during Brit Week.

George Freeth Sufer

"The man who walked the water"

Mexico City Shoe Shine

This is an old 35mm Kodak slide found while going through a whole pile and I believe it was in Mexico City late 60's. I scanned it on an HP scanner and then cleaned it up a bit in Photoshop. I thought it should be out there and as it is quite appealing!


Phil with the L series Canon Lens,

Roxanna -by Mike Hope

A beautiful girl!

Roxanna in The Castle

Shadi Z!!

The Wonderful , Talented Shadi ZZ!! by Mike Hope

Butterfly Girl - Rose Parade - Mike Hope

Beautiful Butterfly Girl - At the Rose Parade (Tournement of Roses) in Pasadena. What a great January the 1st Celebration!!

Roxanna at Malloy's - Mike-Hope

Roxanna at Hermosa Beach Pier - Malloys taken by Mike Hope

Coast Guard under Tow by Mike Hope

Caught this pic as two US Coast Guard vessels were returning to Depoe Bay. One was under tow

Buenos Aires Street by Mike Hope

Old shot from Buenos Aires, San Telmo area, reworked in B&W film effect

The Beauty of Iguazu

So much splendor, the surroundings are awesome!

Roxanna in PV

The trail at the top of Crenshaw. Spectacular views down to Abalone cove and Catalina Island beyond

Manhattan Dream

Surfer at Manhattan Bech from the Pier


Trying on a mask at La Boca street market

The Lady of Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market area

Cuba Photos Etc. Street

A street seller / photograher with some exceptional photographs from Cuba

Man in Hat in Manhattan by Mike Hope

waling path on the strand Manhattan Beach toward the power station taken with 300 mm FD L on Canon 6D

Beautiful Costumed lady

Beautiful Costumed lady at the Rose Parade, Pasadena.

Lovely costumed lady - Rose Parade

Lovely costumed lady at the rose Parade Pasadena on the New Years Day Celebrations, 2013.

Wisconsin Cheer Leader Up High - Rose Parade

Wisconsin Cheer Leader Up High at the rose Parade in Pasadena on the 1st of January New Year,Rose Parade, Celebrations

City of San Gabriel Dancers

City of San Gabriel Dancers at the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Very colorful!!

Los Angeles Cheer Leaders - Rose Parade

Los Angeles Cheer Leaders - Rose Parade, New Years Day, 2013 in Pasadena.

Wisconsin University Band - Rose Parade

Wisconsin University Band - At the Rose Parade - These guys were fantastic - definitley one of the highlights of the day!! They were so dynamic and full of fun - All that good air - good food and great cheese!!

The Knights Ride

The Knights Ride, Tournement of the Roses, Pasadena, New Years Day, January 2013. Photo by Mike Hope

Tractors - Rose Parade

Colorful parade of tractors. I wouldn't mind one of these to drive around the garden :-) Shot at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, New Year's Day Celebration 2013 Mike Hope

Wedding Gown

A lucky shot in Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens just before a wedding ceremony

Toms Shoe Drop

Christmas in Buenos Aries at the Shoe Drop

Beefeater, Yeoman of the Guard - Mike Hope

Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard Extraordinary (Wikipedia) Tower of London, UK

George Freeth - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

"Father of Modern Surfing" Bronze on Pier - George Freeth

Honoring Korean War veterans - Rose Parade

Army Col, David Clark honoring Korean War veterans at the Rose Parade, Pasadena. New Years Day 2013

Kubrick Entrance - Mike Hope

Picture taken withthe Canon EOS-M outside the entrance to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the LACMA. I did a little post grunge to give it this street hard look to it.

Stanley Kubrick

A picture of Stanley Kubrick shot at the Kubrick Exhibit and then overlaid in post . Hand held EOS-M 22mm in low light. Not great but part of the set.

Waiting for the Surf

a shot on windy day on redondo Beach into the sun lots of spray and surf...

Life Guards Manhattan by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Life Guards Saturday

Victoria Cafe

Into the Mustard Flower ()

Walking on the hill April 1st in the mustard flowers

Manhattan Surfers

manhattan surf competition

Flower Power SF by Mike Hope

San Francisco, Dolores Park, June 25th

Just Fishing by Mike Hope

Fishing on the pier old FD Canon L 100-300 mm lens manual

USS San Diego Memorial Crew Member by Mike Hope

A Side capture of USS San Diego Memorial Crew Member on the waterfront San Diego

Behind The Bubble Central Park by Mike Hope

A photographer catching a happy couple behind a giant bubble in Central Park, New York.

Bursting The Bubble Central Park by Mike Hope (of )

Catching the happy couple as the bubble is bursting

Central Park Running in Leaves by Mike Hope

Two runners and some nice art work in Central Park, New York, early November