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Mike Hope Photography

Butterfly Ojai - Mike Hope

Butterfly in Ojai

Long Horns of Dartmoor

Bracket Fungus by Mike Hope

In the Quinault Rain Forest Fungus abound

Flow of the Pelican by Mike Hope

Pelicans flying along the beach today. Caught with old 100-300mm Canon FD on a Sony a6000

Afternoon Tulips by Mike Hope

A quick shot as the afternoon light was catching the glow of the tulips.


The close-up sunflower shot yesterday in the late afternoon light..

Vineyard Afternoon by Mike Hope

Vineyards at Benziger Winery in Glen Ellen near Sonoma, California

Jul3 Vase by Mike Hope

Test with a 12 mm wide angle, hand held manual focus with Sony A7Rii and Rokinon 12mm

FlowSunFlower by Mike Hope

Another working of the sunflower shoot done in late afternoon light and filtered with texture and vignette.

Wet & Sunny Tu by Mike Hope

Working on the Sunflowers. They are always inspiring...

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park....Revisited with some filter and texture in post. Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Just trying out some old lenses and took a close up with a 300mm Canon on the Sony A7Rii

Stigma Tu by Mike Hope

Close up of droplet forming on a stigma

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

A carnivorous pitcher plant or "Monkey Cup"

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Further afternoon rose with old FD lens either 50mm or 300mm L series

Soft Tu Lips B&W by Mike Hope

Afternoon sun from behind illuminating these fine tulips so I had to take a quick shot and though B&W would be good.

Butchart Dahlia by Mike Hope

Butchart Dahlia captured in the magnificent Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island near Victoria. These gardens are one of the most beautiful in the world and were transformed from an old quarry. They have to be seen to be appreciated!!

Early morning Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Shot early morning at Lake Crescent. A deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia


Early morning walk around Quinault Lake, Washington.

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park.... Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

Before the Dawn by Mike Hope

Walking Quinault lake in the early morning light with the mist changing every moment and the light evolving as the sun makes it's presence from the east.

Wet Sunflower by Mike Hope

This is a sunflower I took in the living room in natural sunlight. I took five different exposures and then fused them in an HDR process. Then I added a software rain filter to give the final effect. Hope you like it.

Bridge to Autumn Revisited by Mike Hope

The bridge across the river "By Brook" to the Manor in Castle Combe UK on the edge of the Cotswolds. A magical "Harry Potter" village

Benziger Winery by Mike Hope

Beautiful Benziger Winery on Thanksgiving weekend in northern California

Orchid HP at the Conservatory of Flowers

Orchid at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Seductive is the Orchid by Mike Hope

A seductive orchid almost looks like a bird of prey in battle for the seductress of the orchid. Well that's my thought!! What do you think...

Bridge to darkness by Mike Hope

Old bridge in Castle Combe to the Manor, given a darkening effect.

Spring Wheel Barrow by Mike-Hope

Flower Barrow at the Botanical Gardens Palos Verdes

Daffodil Old FD

Daffodil taken with an old FD 100-300 mm f/5.6 L lens with the Canon 6D

Aloe Red Spear

Aloe Spear, Aloe arborescens in flower at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes this weekend in the rain!

Autumn Rush by Mike Hope

Autumn rush in the vineyards of Sonoma, California

Wild Orchard Grapes by Mike Hope

Pucks Oak Barn and Wild Orchard in Compton, Surrey near London UK. Stumbled across it when traveling up from Hampshire.

Paradise in Glen Ellen - Mike-Hope

A beautiful spot to relax and unwind In the heart of the wine country close to Sonoma.

The Telephone Box Castle Combe

The Telephone Box Castle Combe, Wiltshire, The Street

Ze Floral c by Mike Hope

Black and White floral

Californian Poppies by Mike Hope

Californian Poppies South Coast Botanical

Floral Invitation!

The flower opens

Summer Rose Tu by Mike Hope

A photo from the garden using a 35mm 1.4 Rokinon hand held on the Canon 6D

Soft Sunflower

A sunflower taken in natural light with an old 50mm FD Lens on Canon 6D.

Giant Columnar Cactus - Mike Hope

Giant Cactus shot in the South Coast botanical Gardens. This is a beauty!! Must have been there since they opened. It is huge!!!

Spring Blossom Mike-Hope

Spring Blossom South Coast Botanical Gardens

Spring snow Mike Hope

Going up to Kelers Peak ran into the fresh snow and new spring growth

Spring Poppies by Mike Hope

Spring Poppies in the South Coast Botanical Gardens. Palos Verdes

Paradise in Glen Ellen

Beautiful Country retreat in Glenn Ellen, N. California

Catalina Sunshine

A shot of some daisy's with Catalina in the background just after the mist had lifted. A really clear day!! by Mike Hope

Turkey Buzzard Fly by Mike-Hope

Turkey Buzzard checking us out on a hike in Glen Ellen, Northern California on Thanksgiving day!

Turkey Buzzard - Glen ellen

Turkey Buzzard on Turkey Day in Glenn Ellen near Sonoma California taken on a hike before Thanksgiving Dinner

Bird over mist

Just came into view whilst getting the shot of the mist over the ocean by Mike Hope

Horses in the morning

Hiking in Palos Verdes on the Crenshaw trail. Catalina Island in the distance through morning mist.


Butterfly by Mike Hope

Into the Cacti Mike-Hope

Taken above the cacti in the South Coast Botanical Gardens in PV. Not sure of the name of this...

Giant Aloe Vera - Mike Hope

Taken outside Santa Barbara Mission in the early evening light - A giant Aloe Vera probably 8 feet tall!

Vibrant Sunflower by Mike Hope

Sunflower HDR and Vibrant filter by Mike Hope

Sunflower Vibrance2

Vibrant Sunflower HDR with Vibrantfilter

TuClose - Tulip - Mike Hope

Natural Light Tulip, Lightroom Crop and filter. Prints out large and looks dramatic! Mike Hope

Tulip Splash

A really vibrant tulip with natural light beaming through. Prints large and looks great!


Twin Daisy

Two Daisies joined in a merge of color

The White flowers II

White flowers on the trail with the right fluffy background clouds

White flowers - Mike Hope

On the nature trail - white flowers

Morning Rose - Mike Hope

A rose in the early morning dew

The Iron Butterfly

This is actually a photo taken through an iron work butterfly near Manhattan Beach. Then re-worked in photoshop

Magic Garden - Mike Hope

The gate to Cowdray Park hidden Garden

Catus - Prickly Pear?

Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens -Opuntia microdasys

Prickle B&W - Mike Hope

Close of cactus, taken at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes, California

Sunflower close up

Sunflower close up on windowsill

Point Magoo Cypress Tree - Mike Hope

Point Lobos Nature reserve on Pacific Coast Highway California. A magical place! Where the Cyprus trees cling to the edge of the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Tree Pop by Mike Hope

Fruit Tree in Autumn in the Benziger Family Winery - Glen Ellen

The Summer Rose

A Summer Rose from the garden, taken with a Rokinon 35mm manual focus f/1.4. Hand held no IS

Evening in Yosemite

Yosemite sunset

Garden Rose mm FD by Mike Hope

Garden Rose old film 75-200mm f/4.5 FD lens ($39) on a Canon 6D hand held on a windy day!! Ask me how!! Actually using a glass adapter from Japan to make it work. So far I am impressed.

Hampshire Woodland Walk - Mike Hope

Flora Thompson country walk near to Old Thorns Golf Course, Liphook, Hampshire. Mike Hope

Mellow Orchid - Mike Hope

Orchid lit from behind and taken in natural light

Heaps Peak Fence - Mike Hope

Heaps Peak Trial, Lake Arrowhead

The Swallows of Iguazu Falls

The swallows flying below us around the swirling waters of the falls

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves in Glen Ellen near Sonoma, California

Iguazu Falls

Awe Inspiring Iguazu Falls - Amazing Natural Beauty!!

Iguazu Falls - Mike Hope

Tremendous beauty, awe-inspiring at its very literal. It will move you!!

The Cicada - Mike Hope

Tropical Iguazu Falls, Argentina. An abundance of wildlife and beauty.

The Beauty of Iguazu

So much splendor, the surroundings are awesome!

Iguazu Falls

One of the most awesome of the world's natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is an experience of a lifetime. Located primarily in Argentina, the falls are in a semi-tropical jungle ecosystem. These majestically powerful cascades are considerably higher and much wider than Niagara Falls. © 1998-2009 Discover Uruguay


Thistles on the nature trail in PV


Fresh spring grass shot in the Palos Verdes hills. Simple and clean!

TwoUp Tulips

Tulips under natural light re-processed in lightroom using custom filters

Trumpet Flower - Mike Hope

Taken at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes

Color Bite

On the trail the early summer flowers are out!

Color Rush - Spring

Taken on the secret trail in Palos Verdes. It is great this time of year

Quarter Horse Trail

On the trail in PV


LA Museum garden in bloom by Mike Hope

Delicious Color

A Burst of flavorful color at the LA Nat History Museum Gardens

Soft Rose

You can almost smell it!!

StoneHenged Again - Mike Hope

The moody look to Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain. UK Mike Hope

Sunflower Burst

B&W Sunflower burst in lightroom filter by Mike Hope


Black & white sunflower

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

Shot taken early morning just as the sun was breaking over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Quiet and cold. Perfect time to view it and watch as the majesty unfolds!!

Veterans Library Old Fig Tree Redondo

The Veterans Library Old Fig Tree in Redondo Beach. I just wish I could have got this some years ago before the fence went up. I really like the long shadows of the palms!

Gourd - Mini Pumpkin

Mini Pumpkin - Gourd taken on the balcony early morning light with tree leaves in background

Two Lips Mike Hope (of )

Tulips taken in the evening sunshine!

Spring Snow by Mike Hope

Spring Snow in the San Bernardino National Forest. This is on the way up to Keller Peak and is really beautiful!

Quarry Autumn by Mike Hope

Quarry Botanical Autumn leaves in Glen Ellen; From their site:Founded in 1987, Quarryhill is one of the pre-eminent Asian botanical gardens globally, featuring one of the largest collections of documented, wild-collected Asian plants in the world. It is centrally located for Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties as well as greater Northern California.

Dark Tulip by Mike Hope

A tulip taken in natural afternoon light and placed on dark background layer with vignette effect.

Colorful Orchid by Mike Hope.jpg

Taken at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Summer in Glen Ellen by Mike Hope

Summer garden and meadow with wild flowers in Glen Ellen California

In Bud by Mike-Hope.jpg

Off the cuff natural late afternoon light shot. Hand held with Sony AR7ii

Stigma by Mike Hope

Nice close up off the cuff hand held natural light

Warmth of the Stigma by Mike Hope

Close up handheld natural light

Through the Garden Gate by Mike Hope

Old Castle Come village street to the Manor House in late summer toward evening.

Sunflower Evening by Mike Hope

A sunflower taken in the evening sun today

Sunflower evening 2 by Mike Hope

Second in the set from this evening as the sun was warming the flowers

2nd Sunflower 40mm by Mike Hope

2nd sunflower of the evening taken with 40mm canon lens on Sony A7Rii

Hidden falls

Small water fall I came across while exploring around Quinault lake after the nights rain.

Fingers of Mist

Mist rolling around the rain forest above Quinault lake in the early evening.

Quinault Sunset by Mike Hope

Sunset on our first evening at Quinault Lake, on the edge of the Quinault rain Forrest and the Olympic National Park in Washington

Garden Butchart

Beautiful Butchart Gardens near Victoria canada on Vancouver Island. This is definitely a must see if you are there and can easily spend a whole day.

Trumpet Flower by Mike Hope

Taken in September at Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada.

Dahlia in late afternoon radience

Taken late afternoon at Butchart gardens, Victoria, Canada. Such a wonderful place to visit...

Evening on Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Lake Crescent is a deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia

Flower of the Sun by Mike Hope

Shot in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in late afternoon and used a little overlay


Black & White Flower by Mike Hope

A beautiful Daisy in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

Lake Crescent Panorama

A panorama of Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park, Washington.

Pelicans By Mike Hope

Walking on Hermosa beach after the rains and caught this line of pelicans flying by

Palos Verdes Triail by Mike Hope

Hiking after the rains on the Turnpike trail in PV

Hermosa Sandelings by Mike Hope

Shot of some Sanderlings chasing food on the Hermosa Beach seashore

Little Falls by Mike Hope

From last September up in Quinault Lake in Washington.

Watching Orcas

Watching Orcas off of Vancouver Island

Anza Borrego Desert Blooms by Mike Hope

Out in the Anza Borrego Desert where the spring blooms are out in full color after the recent rains. Magnificent vistats!!

CA Daisy Spring by Mike Hope

Spring Daisies in Hermosa

CA Daisy Spring by Mike Hope

Daisies on the way to Hermosa Beach

Wild Flowers

Early morning hike on Thoroughbred Trail, PV

Into the Mustard Flower ()

Walking on the hill April 1st in the mustard flowers


Up on Storm Hill April 1st


On the way into the sunken garden at Butchart Vancouver Island

The Power of Spring

Walking toward Hermosa close to the power station.

Near Atherfield Bay and Cliffs

Taken on an afternoon drive around the island

Punch by Mike Hope

The Devils Punch Bowl, Hindhead, Sussex

Torrance Beach from Malaga by Mike Hope

Walking on a Sunday afternoon along Malaga Canyon looking toward Rat beach, and beyond so Santa Monica

Sunny and Dark by Mike Hope

Sunny late afternoon weekend shot of sunflowers

Grand Canyon Awakening by Mike Hope

A Grand Canyon early morning shot just as the sun was coming over the east rim and reworked with filtered effect to enhance the mood.

San Juan water lily by Mike Hope

Shot in the mission grounds in San Jaun Capistrano

Mission San Juan lilies by Mike Hope

San Juan Capistrano water Lilies with a little Monet effect.

Vivid Lilies by Mike Hope

Vivid water lilies late afternoon at San Juan Capistrano Mission

Redondo Palms Mike Hope

Bright Sky day in Redondo with a little grunge