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Mike Hope Photography

Two Towers by Mike Hope

Tricorn Towers in Century Park

Nat history museum

natural history museum London

Roxanna HC by Mike Hope

Shot with the Canon EOS-M with 22mm 1.8 and used high contrast kodak filter to give the look.

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Nude Bronze

shot at the V&A in London

Marbled Godwit by Mike Hope

Marbled Godwit on Hermosa Beach, California

Hot Sausage Company by Mike Hope

Walk Street in historic Roman city of Bath in somerset, England, with hot sausage seller in the background

EmptyPier by Mike-Hope

Cold morning on the pier. No one about

Lacock Matilda Talbot typewriter

Vintage typewriter from Lacock Abbey the home of Henry Fox Talbot the pioneer of photography. This typewriter was thought to have been used by his granddaughter Matilda Talbot. "They wanted me to be the best I could be, and I wanted not to disappoint them". Matilda Talbot.

Soft Tu Lips B&W by Mike Hope

Afternoon sun from behind illuminating these fine tulips so I had to take a quick shot and though B&W would be good.

Annenberg Beach House by Mike Hope

Walk along the sands from Santa Monica Pier to the Annenberg Beach House.

Chrysler Classic Eagle Hood Mascot By Mike Hope

Gulls on Beach BW by Mike Hope

A walk on Hermosa a few weeks ago with the Sony A7Rii. Really liking it and was using an old Canon FD 28mm. Still my favorite.

Flow of the Pelican by Mike Hope

Pelicans flying along the beach today. Caught with old 100-300mm Canon FD on a Sony a6000

Stack of Power by Mike Hope

Power Stack at the Scattergood Power Plant near Manhattan Beach, California

Warming Hut by Mike-Hope

The Warming Hut! Crissy Fields, San Francisco

Waiting for the Surf

a shot on windy day on redondo Beach into the sun lots of spray and surf...

Hermosa Under Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Under Hermosa Pier with Sony AR7ii and old Canon 28mm FD lens.

Bel Air Art Deco Eagle by Mike Hope

This is a classic car Chrysler Bel Air, circa 1956, eagle emblem. I used black and white with a slight texturizer effect for a more canvas look. Hope you like it.

Umbrella Crop

Umbrellas at small cafe near Dockweiler State Beach. Just liked the light coming through!

B&W Pier

Sun on Pier by Mike Hope

A shot into the sun with old Canon FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii

Harbor King by Mike Hope

Harbor King sign on pier 43 San Francisco Warf

Black Bench Seat by Mike Hope

Wandering around with an old FD 100-300mm f/5.6 L and caught bench in the arly morning light and just gave it siome B&W old film look.

Bottle Top Checkers by Mike Hope

Shot on the pier with new Sony a7R2 and canon 40mm pancake. Two fishermen friends play a board game on cardboard with coke a Cola bottle tops.

Double Take BW Golden Gate by Mike Hope (of )

Golden Gate Bridge reversed and B&W for effect. Hope you like it!

The Roman Baths

Old historical Roman Baths in the City of Bath in the UK. Hot geothermal springs still bubble up and hot water from deep underground still makes its way through channels started in 70 AD.

The Path to Power by Mike Hope

On the road to power. Heading towards Dockweiler Beach past the Scattergood Power Plant.

Power Path B&W

This is a second rendition of the Power Station with more contrast and and enhancement to bring out a more dramatic look especially in the sky and building.

On the Rocks B&W by Mike Hope

On the Rocks in Manhattan Beach, California, Stormy weekend

Testing the Waters by Mike Hope

Shot on Manhattan Beach with an old FD f/5.6 200-300mm lens with a conversion to fit a Canon 6D. I used Silver Efex filter for an old over exposed black and white effect.

Towers by Mike Hope

Century Park Tricorn Towers

Albert by Mike Hope

The Albert Memorial is situated in Kensington Gardens, London, England, directly to the north of the Royal Albert Hall. It was commissioned by Queen Victoria in memory of her beloved husband, Prince Albert who died of typhoid in 1861. Wikipedia

Golden Fog by Mike Hope

Golden Gate from Crissy fields on a foggy September day.

Lalique Yoga with iPad Back Drop

Lalique Crystal, taken with iPad as backdrop finished in lightroom and PS elements. Natural Light.

Wide on the beach Mike Hope.jpg

On the bike path at Manhattan Beach

Crissy Iron by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Iron Sculpture at Crissy Field, San Francisco

De Young Museum Mike-Hope

De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Taken with the highly portable Canon EOS-M.

Light Reading by Mike Hope

One of the old rooms in the Manor Hotel, Castle Combe on the Cotswolds. Historic old manor house.

Interior Deezine by Mike Hope

Magazine on the table with Sony 35mm 1.8

Old Classic in Presidio San Francisco

old classic car shot in Presidio Park next to the historic naval houses.

On the Rocks by mike Hope

Looking toward Santa Monica from Manhattan beach bike path on a cloudy day

Golden Black and White

Golden Gate in Black and White

Old Redondo High School House

Old Redondo High School Houseafter renovation. Taken and processed in black and white full spectrum

Hermosa Beach Pier - A Clear Day!

Hermosa Beach Pier on a clear day!! Cold and quiet! Mike Hope

Arrowhead Lake Mike-Hope

Lake Arrowhead on near Shoreline Village. Taken with the Canon EOS-M not particularly hi-res as was just walking around without the beast

Beach Patrol Manhattan

Beach Patrol Manhattan Beach Pier at the weekend. Don't ride you bike!!

2001 Miniture Set by Mike Hope

Model Set of 2001 a Space Odyssey from the final scenes. Taken with the EOS-M and given a Black and White treatment

Grain Dispenser by Mike Hope

An old type copper grain or cereal dispenser in a great curio shop in Lake Arrowhead

Carbo Window

Window in Carbo Argentina

Hot Rod Garage - Mike Hope

A shot at Peterson's. A great set up. Processed in Photoforge to give the "devilish" highlights!

cash register by mike hope

Cash Register caught on a antique store walk around with the Canon EOS-M hand held.

Old Manhattan Pier

Manhattan Pier, Film Noir effect in the old black and white film look

Sector 9 Long Boards Black & White

Sector 9 Skateboard seats at the Watermans, Hermosa Beach

Dark Walk.jpg

Shot with old FD 5.6 L series 100-300 mm on Sony a6000

Power on the Beach.jpg

A Sunday Bike Ride on the beach in Manhattan

Iron Artt by Mike Hope

Crissy Fields San Francisco Iron Sculpture

Coast Guard House by Mike Hope

Historic Coast Guard House in Crissy Fields, San Francisco.

London Bobbies

London Bobbies, Police on the Beat!

Dr. Stranglove Command Center - Mike Hope

Picture taken at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA in Los Angeles. This was taken into a small model of the command Center for the Dr. Strangelove movie. I took this hend held with the Canon EOS-M 22mm lens in very low light with no IS. Slight Lightroom adjust to bring out the maps.

Shadow Crystal

shot of yoga lalique macro and worked in black and white with old film effect. looks a little creepy and not what the real life piece gives off but its my interpretation of this nice yoga figure shot in natural light

Bluff Cove by Mike Hope

Bluff Cove, Palos Verdes Coastline

Scattergood by the Sea

Scattergood Power Station by Manhattan Beach

Under the Pier - Hermosa Beach

Under the Pier - Hermosa Beach, California, by Mike Hope on a clear morning walk...

Marine Tower Sausalito

Marine Tower shot in Sausalito during Thanksgiving.

Dark Enfolds the Tree by Mike Hope

Around The Golden Gate Park

Full Metal Jacket Clapper Board Mike-Hope

Shot of Full Metal Jacket Clapper Board on show at the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA in LA. This was up high and low light had to hold the EOS-M up and take the shot hand held no flash 22mm f/2. A little rework and there it is. I am pleased so far with the Canon EOS-M and am trying some old FD lenses.

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

Cogs (of )

Cogs from wikapedia: Jack London State Historic Park, also known as Jack London Home and Ranch, is a California State Historic Park near Glen Ellen, California, United States, situated on the eastern slope of Sonoma Mountain. It includes the ruins of a house burned a few months before Jack London and family were to move in, a cottage in which they had lived, another house built later, and the graves of Jack London and his wife. The property is both a California Historical Landmark and a National Historic Landmark. The Jack London home, called the Wolf House, is a sizable stone structure, which was destroyed by fire and whose ruins are visible within the state park property. The sloping terrain of the park has a considerable occurrence of Goulding clay loam soils, particularly in the lower reaches.[5]

A Knight with the King of Spades by Mike Hope

A Knight with the King of Spades

The Old Work Boat by Mike Hope

Old work boat from Sausalito near San Francisco.

Turn To Clear Vision - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

Bi-Nocular Telescope on Redondo Beach Pier.

Coke Can - Mike Hope

Coke Can beaten up and old on a walk in Redondo Beach - rewoked in black and white to give it more pop!

Ze Floral c by Mike Hope

Black and White floral

Dark Beams by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero iron girder sculptures in Crissy Fields, San Francisco. Used a vintage film effect and post b&w to get the effect.

Bridged Over by Mike Hope

Bridge of Iron Golden Gate

Spiral Staircase - Mike Hope

Epic Systems, Stairwell in Madison Wisconsin

The Mission Inn - Mike Hope

Riverside, Mission Inn Hotel, Dome in Black and White. Riverside, California

Yosemite Moods - Mike Hope

Yosemite, Half Dome just before it began to snow, The clouds move in fast and you can feel the sudden drop in temperature!

Manhattan Beach Pier

Under Manhattan Beach Pier with the handy Fuji X-20

Manhattan Pier - HDR - B&W

Manhattan Pier taken with the fujifilm X-20 and tone worked in Photomatix to give it an HDR effect

Show me the way by Mike Hope

Travel distance sign in Redondo Pier taken with Sony A7Rii and given blur and B&W

R-10 Social House Mike Hope

Shot with old Canon FD 200-300mm L on 6D

Veterans Library Old Fig Tree Redondo

The Veterans Library Old Fig Tree in Redondo Beach. I just wish I could have got this some years ago before the fence went up. I really like the long shadows of the palms!

Barbed Flip Flops

A shot taken of a pile of flip flops with barbed wire as the toe supports. I took this at the LA ART exhibition and decided it had more impact with a grain B&W film effect. Taken with the hand held EOS-M Canon 22mm lens

Under the Bridge PinHole K32

Under the Bridge, Golden Gate San Francisco. Pin Hole effect K32

Malaga Cove Plaza - Spanish Style

Malaga Cove Plaza, Spanish Style brick and archway. dates from the 1930's. Taken with the Fuji X-20 walk around camera

Wave on Rocks - Mike Hope

Abalone cove, Palos Verdes, on a windy day with surf breaking over the rocks

Cobbles Ice Cream

Ice Cream Van, Plymouth England

Sunflower Burst

B&W Sunflower burst in lightroom filter by Mike Hope


Black & white sunflower

Directors Chair - Mike Hope

Picture taken at the Kubrick Exhibit in Los Angeles. This was taken with the Canon EOS-M through glass hand held and then given some grunge and crop work in post.

2001 Movie Cam - Mike Hope

2001 Movie Camera. Taken at the Krubrick exhibition. Hand held in low light no flash. with Canon EOS-M 22mm lens. Having lots of fun!!

Stanley Kubrick

A picture of Stanley Kubrick shot at the Kubrick Exhibit and then overlaid in post . Hand held EOS-M 22mm in low light. Not great but part of the set.

Aston Martin DB5

My favorite car! Shot in The Old Thorns Golf Club and Hotel near Liphook Hampshire, UK

A Clockwork Orange Clapper Board Mike-Hope

A shot of the Clockwork Orange Clapper board taken at the Kubrick exhibition at the LACMA. The board was up high and I got a hand held shot in low light with the Canod EOS-M and 22mm f/2 lens. A little crop in post and there it is.

Artificial Intelligence Mike-Hope

A concept sketch for A.I. movie on show at the Kubrick Exhibit in LACMA Los Angeles. This was taken hand held in pretty low light with the Canon EOS-M 22mm f/2

AirForce One Tail - Mike Hope

AirForce One Tail of the Boeing 707, Shot at Ronald Regan Library - Bullet holes in Tail??

US Flag

US Flag shot on a perfect day at the Huntington Gardens near Pasadena. Well worth a visit

Cobbles Ice Cream

Cobbles Ice Cream Van in Plymouth UK

The Ice Cream Cart - Mike Hope

An old ice cream cart and bicycle for sale in a small English village. Not there this year! Haslemere

Fun Factory B&W - Redondo Beach - Pier - Mike Hope

Fun Factory Sign Redondo Beach Pier

Henged Out - Mike Hope

Stonehenge with charcoal treatment to give it the ancient feel. Notice the one person in the back ground? Mike Hope

A part of Westminster

A turret in the Tower - Mike Hope

A picture of one of the turrets in the Tower of London. A fantastic place to visit. see the Crown Jewels, the Beefeater Yeoman Guards and Ravens!!

Moody El Capitan

Yosemite National Park

Classic car in Buenos Aires - Mike Hope

Old Classic in Buenos Aires Street

Camera A - Mike-Hope

Camera shot at the Kubrick Exhibition with the Canon EOS-M hand held with 22mm f/2 lens. Taken in low light with auto focus (after 2.0 update) worked great.

Corvette Dash - B&W- Mike Hope

This is a black and white shot of the classic corvette dash. I believe this is a 1958 model. It was in mint condition, bright red. A fantastic car.



Parliament, The Wall of Windows - Mike Hope

Part of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. So many windows and detail. Very Gothic!

Getty Villa WIndow

The Lady of Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market area

The Castle, Tower of London

The castle taken from the moat

The writing room

The Jack London Museum in Glen Ellen

Parliament is Moody!

A Gothic look to Parliament

Ancient Window

An Ancient window looking out of the Tower

Slow or Fast

78RPM Old record Player Speed dial

Pual Reed Smith - Guitar Fret

PRS Guitar fret close up showing inlayed bird design

La Recoleta Cemetery - Mike Hope

B&W of interesting Cross inside La Recoleta Cemetery crypt, Buenos Aires

Cowdray Park Old Store House

The old light house - Mike Hope

Situated on Pacific Coast Highway 1, california

Beefeater, Yeoman of the Guard - Mike Hope

Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard Extraordinary (Wikipedia) Tower of London, UK

Roxanna in The Castle

Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament, Palace of westminster, Gothic Building, designed by Sir Charles Barry

VW Camper Speedupby Mike Hope

A VW Camper shot in UK last year and given some B7W speed up treatment

Entrance to The Tower

Tower of London Entrance Arch

Barber Shop

Barber Shop in Santa Barbara Shot with the little Exlim Casio

Blackfriars Bridge - London - Mike Hope

Blackfriars Bridge over the river Thames in London England


Cannons inside the Tower of London grounds

Yoga Lalique

Yoga positions, Lalique

Winchester Cathedral B&W

The Cross, La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aire, Argentina

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty

Old Gas Lamps LACMA

Old Gas Lamps from the 20's and 30's from Los Angeles and brought together at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Drawers by Mike Hope

Old Drawers in black and white

Lalique 2 - Crystal

iPad was used as backdrop by Mike Hope

Maggie May and Cedric the Seagull

A female pirate skeleton on Redondo Beach Board walk on a sailboat. Part of a very clever display...

Hope Pebbles by Mike Hope

Inspirational Pebbles in Black and White

Lacma Lamps Mike Hope

Los Angeles County Museum of Art in LA Old gas lamps

Bones on a Bike by Mike Hope

Bones on a Bike on the stret in Bath UK

Tony's BW by Mike Hope

Old Tony's Restaurant on Redondo Pier

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Shot in mid September in the late afternoon in Bath in Avon and Somerset, UK. A beautiful city and historic roman remains. I had this up in color but thought it may be good in black and white! Hope you like it...

Space Needle B&W by Mike Hope

Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, caught around midday with the sun behind causing a dramatic effect.

Needle Top

Top of the Seattle Space Needle in Black and White

Gehry Seattle B&W Mike

"When Frank O. Gehry began designing EMP, he was inspired to create a structure that evoked the rock ‘n’ roll experience. He purchased several electric guitars, sliced them into pieces, and used them as building blocks for an early model design. EMP Museum".

Aluminium on Stilts by Mike Hope

A fisherman's hut sculpture made from Aluminium known as Crooked Hut on Stilts, Light Shed by Liz Magor. The harbor in Vancouver, Canada


Black & White Flower by Mike Hope

A beautiful Daisy in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

Hermosa Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Take with an old 24 mm f/2.8 Canon on Sony A7Rii into the sun at f/16-22

Hermosa Pier by Mike Hope

An afternoon walk along Hermosa and Manhattan Beach at the weekend. Just shooting into the sun with an old Canon FD 24mm manual f/2.8 on the Sony A7Rii

Roller by Mike Hope

Shot up of Roller Coaster in Santa Monica. Dropped red filter

Fun at Santa Monica by Mike Hope

Black and white of Santa Monica Fair Ground Rides

Buenos Aires Street by Mike Hope

Old shot from Buenos Aires, San Telmo area, reworked in B&W film effect

Celebrity Solstice by Mike Hope

Celebrity Cruise Ship in Vancouver Harbor

Old B&W Coke Can by Mike Hope

My old favorite Coke can that i just reworked with a duo filter for background effect to give the wall and surface more definition and grungy look.

mist amongt the pines by Mike Hope

Septembers journey up the coast to Canada. stopped at Crescent Lake before going on the Port Angeles and Victoria

Dahlia B&W by Mike Hope

A beautiful Dahlia close up in the late afternoon sun and processed in Black & White in PS

Shoes of Alcatraz

Taken in Alcatraz Prison last weekend

Alcatraz Shoes by Mike Hope

Shoes in the laundry exhibit at Alcatraz Prison

Petworth Tree B&W by Mike Hope

Tree in Petworth PArk with reverse and color drop

Just Fishing by Mike Hope

Fishing on the pier old FD Canon L 100-300 mm lens manual

USS San Diego Memorial Crew Member by Mike Hope

A Side capture of USS San Diego Memorial Crew Member on the waterfront San Diego

RIP BE by Mike Hope

Recoleta Cemetery. Buenos Aires

Zaha Hadid NYC by Mike Hope

Zaha Hadid Architecture on the High Line in New York City. Amazing apartment building...

Twins B&W by Mike Hope

Twins B&W by Mike Hope taken with Sony 24-70mm G

New York Zaha Hadid B& W by MikeHope

Amazing Architecture by Zaha Hadid on the highline walk in New York, close to the waterfront.

Early Morning Redondo by Mike Hope

A walk around the pie with an old Canon FD 28mm 2.8

Big Wheel Pacific Park by Mike Hope

B&W Santa Monica Pacific Park Big Wheel on the Pier

Santa Monica Police B&W by Mike Hope

The iconic Santa Monica Police station on Santa Monica Pier