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Mike Hope Photography

Bracket Fungus by Mike Hope

In the Quinault Rain Forest Fungus abound

Afternoon Tulips by Mike Hope

A quick shot as the afternoon light was catching the glow of the tulips.

Butchart Dahlia by Mike Hope

Butchart Dahlia captured in the magnificent Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island near Victoria. These gardens are one of the most beautiful in the world and were transformed from an old quarry. They have to be seen to be appreciated!!


The close-up sunflower shot yesterday in the late afternoon light..

Jul3 Vase by Mike Hope

Test with a 12 mm wide angle, hand held manual focus with Sony A7Rii and Rokinon 12mm

Sunflower close up

Sunflower close up on windowsill

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park....Revisited with some filter and texture in post. Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

Sun Flower Envelope by Mike Hope

Sunflower Postcard envelope treatment and warming light leak on upper left. Handwriting and post mark.

FlowSunFlower by Mike Hope

Another working of the sunflower shoot done in late afternoon light and filtered with texture and vignette.

Wet & Sunny Tu by Mike Hope

Working on the Sunflowers. They are always inspiring...

2nd Sunflower 40mm by Mike Hope

2nd sunflower of the evening taken with 40mm canon lens on Sony A7Rii

Vibrant Sunflower by Mike Hope

Sunflower HDR and Vibrant filter by Mike Hope

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Just trying out some old lenses and took a close up with a 300mm Canon on the Sony A7Rii

STOP by Mike Hope

Stop Light on Classic old car on Redondo Pier

Rose in Glass by Mike Hope

Just playing with old lenses and filters in LR

Stigma Tu by Mike Hope

Close up of droplet forming on a stigma

In Bud by Mike-Hope.jpg

Off the cuff natural late afternoon light shot. Hand held with Sony AR7ii

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Further afternoon rose with old FD lens either 50mm or 300mm L series

Soft Tu Lips B&W by Mike Hope

Afternoon sun from behind illuminating these fine tulips so I had to take a quick shot and though B&W would be good.

Orchid HP at the Conservatory of Flowers

Orchid at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Seductive is the Orchid by Mike Hope

A seductive orchid almost looks like a bird of prey in battle for the seductress of the orchid. Well that's my thought!! What do you think...

Wet Sunflower by Mike Hope

This is a sunflower I took in the living room in natural sunlight. I took five different exposures and then fused them in an HDR process. Then I added a software rain filter to give the final effect. Hope you like it.

Rusty's racing by Mike Hope

Side door of old classic with Rusty's Racing on the side

Bel Air Art Deco Eagle by Mike Hope

This is a classic car Chrysler Bel Air, circa 1956, eagle emblem. I used black and white with a slight texturizer effect for a more canvas look. Hope you like it.

Coke Can - Mike Hope

Coke Can beaten up and old on a walk in Redondo Beach - rewoked in black and white to give it more pop!

Chrysler Classic Eagle Hood Mascot By Mike Hope

Dark Tulip by Mike Hope

A tulip taken in natural afternoon light and placed on dark background layer with vignette effect.

Brita by Mike Hope

Caught this morning while testing an old Canon FD lens that I converted to EOS using one of the EdMika kits

2001 Movie Cam - Mike Hope

2001 Movie Camera. Taken at the Krubrick exhibition. Hand held in low light no flash. with Canon EOS-M 22mm lens. Having lots of fun!!

Lalique Yoga with iPad Back Drop

Lalique Crystal, taken with iPad as backdrop finished in lightroom and PS elements. Natural Light.

Old Scrabble Board - Mike Hope

I saw this on a trip to Ojai. Sitting on a table so I got a quick shot!

Coke Can

Old Coke Can kicking around Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Sunflower Vibrance2

Vibrant Sunflower HDR with Vibrantfilter

SoftSun by Mike Hope

Soft close up of Sun flower with bokeh effect...

Sunflower Burst

B&W Sunflower burst in lightroom filter by Mike Hope


Black & white sunflower

Scrabble Board - Collectors - Mike-Hope

Old Scrabble Board by Mike Hope. Saw this in Ojai at the Resort and Spa. It is a collectors special wood edition and really looked great. Caught hand held with the Canon 60D

Victoria Scales Weigh Machine - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

A Weigh Machine with a little Sin City Filter on Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Pop Art Watch - Mike Hope

Watch taken with Laser light and pop art effect

Watch on Swirl under Lazer - Mike Hope

Just playing around with laser light on the Accutron. Added a little swirl in the background.

Ovation - Guitar - Acoustic

Ovation guitar bridge close-up

Pual Reed Smith - Guitar Fret

PRS Guitar fret close up showing inlayed bird design

TuClose - Tulip - Mike Hope

Natural Light Tulip, Lightroom Crop and filter. Prints out large and looks dramatic! Mike Hope

Tulip Splash

A really vibrant tulip with natural light beaming through. Prints large and looks great!

TwoUp Tulips

Tulips under natural light re-processed in lightroom using custom filters


Yoga Lalique

Yoga positions, Lalique

Lalique 2 - Crystal

iPad was used as backdrop by Mike Hope

Lalique Serenity

Lalique wirh iPad on as back drop and iPhone light shining on head

Slow or Fast

78RPM Old record Player Speed dial

Ovation Guitar

Ovation Guitar


Mellow Orchid - Mike Hope

Orchid lit from behind and taken in natural light

Lalique reflection on Ipad


Fresh spring grass shot in the Palos Verdes hills. Simple and clean!

Twin Daisy

Two Daisies joined in a merge of color

Catus - Prickly Pear?

Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens -Opuntia microdasys

Morning Rose - Mike Hope

A rose in the early morning dew

Prickle B&W - Mike Hope

Close of cactus, taken at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes, California

Grain Dispenser by Mike Hope

An old type copper grain or cereal dispenser in a great curio shop in Lake Arrowhead

Directors Chair - Mike Hope

Picture taken at the Kubrick Exhibit in Los Angeles. This was taken with the Canon EOS-M through glass hand held and then given some grunge and crop work in post.

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

Shot taken early morning just as the sun was breaking over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Quiet and cold. Perfect time to view it and watch as the majesty unfolds!!

Gourd - Mini Pumpkin

Mini Pumpkin - Gourd taken on the balcony early morning light with tree leaves in background

Shadow Crystal

shot of yoga lalique macro and worked in black and white with old film effect. looks a little creepy and not what the real life piece gives off but its my interpretation of this nice yoga figure shot in natural light

Barbed Flip Flops

A shot taken of a pile of flip flops with barbed wire as the toe supports. I took this at the LA ART exhibition and decided it had more impact with a grain B&W film effect. Taken with the hand held EOS-M Canon 22mm lens

Fire Bucket Mike Hope

Fire Buckets at the Calico Ghost Town, Yermo, California, south of Las Vegas on Interstate 15. Taken late afternoon as the sun was going down. Great place to visit in the desert. An old silver mining town long deserted and now a museum and active turist attraction.

Old Chest Mike Hope

An old metal chest out on the Calico Ghost town near Yermo, California.

by Mike Hope

Old drawers with numbers focused on 18

Hope Pebbles by Mike Hope

Inspirational Pebbles in Black and White

Santa Monica Parking by Mike Hope

Santa Monica Parking structure off 2nd Street tken late afternoon looking up. It was Brit week nice afternoon!!

Two Lips Mike Hope (of )

Tulips taken in the evening sunshine!

Northwestern Pacific - Fishermans Warf

Northwestern Pacific on Fishermans Warf San Francisco

cash register by mike hope

Cash Register caught on a antique store walk around with the Canon EOS-M hand held.

Summer Rose Tu by Mike Hope

A photo from the garden using a 35mm 1.4 Rokinon hand held on the Canon 6D

Petworth Pot by Mike Hope

Petworth House UK

Golden Square 1807 Classic Piano

Old Petworth Piano 1807

Colorful Orchid by Mike Hope.jpg

Taken at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Ferrari Berlinetta Wheel

Brand New Berlinetta by Ferrari

Cobra Stripe by Mike Hope

Shot on Redondo Pier Classic Car show

Stigma by Mike Hope

Nice close up off the cuff hand held natural light

Warmth of the Stigma by Mike Hope

Close up handheld natural light

Color Spin by Mike Hope

A whirly wind thing on the beach

Weight for It by Mike Hope

Weighing machine on redondo Pier

Lacock Matilda Talbot typewriter

Vintage typewriter from Lacock Abbey the home of Henry Fox Talbot the pioneer of photography. This typewriter was thought to have been used by his granddaughter Matilda Talbot. "They wanted me to be the best I could be, and I wanted not to disappoint them". Matilda Talbot.

Sunflower Evening by Mike Hope

A sunflower taken in the evening sun today

Sunflower evening 2 by Mike Hope

Second in the set from this evening as the sun was warming the flowers

Trumpet Flower by Mike Hope

Taken in September at Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada.

Dahlia in late afternoon radience

Taken late afternoon at Butchart gardens, Victoria, Canada. Such a wonderful place to visit...

Dynamic Dahlia's

Close up in the afternoon sun of a radiant red and gold dahlia.

Flower of the Sun by Mike Hope

Shot in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in late afternoon and used a little overlay

Black & White Flower by Mike Hope

A beautiful Daisy in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

Old B&W Coke Can by Mike Hope

My old favorite Coke can that i just reworked with a duo filter for background effect to give the wall and surface more definition and grungy look.

Dahlia B&W by Mike Hope

A beautiful Dahlia close up in the late afternoon sun and processed in Black & White in PS

CA Daisy Spring by Mike Hope

Spring Daisies in Hermosa

CA Daisy Spring by Mike Hope

Daisies on the way to Hermosa Beach

Wild Flowers

Early morning hike on Thoroughbred Trail, PV

Sunny and Dark by Mike Hope

Sunny late afternoon weekend shot of sunflowers

Vivid Lilies by Mike Hope

Vivid water lilies late afternoon at San Juan Capistrano Mission