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Mike Hope Photography

Santa Monica Beach Front by Mike Hope

Walking Santa Monica Beach

End of the Trail Route 66

Route 66 End of Trail sign on Santa Monica Pier California

Waiting by Mike Hope

A high tide on a windy NWesterly breeze in Redondo Beach

Another Seagull Afternoon by Mike Hope

A rework on the seagulls on the strand taken with Sony A7Rii and old Canon 28 mm FD lens.

An Hermosa afternoon by Mike Hope

Taken on a walk about this December with the Sony A7Rii and an old FD 28mm Canon Lens

EmptyPier by Mike-Hope

Cold morning on the pier. No one about

Windy Day at Redondo by mike Hope

Walking along Redondo Esplanade on a windy afternoon in April

Under The light by Mike Hope

A rework of an earlier post with a little detail extraction and vibrance to give it a bit more pop! #sonyalpha

Marbled Godwit by Mike Hope

Marbled Godwit on Hermosa Beach, California

Surfing Redondo by Mike Hope

A windy day in Redondo. Plenty of nice surf.

Weight for It by Mike Hope

Weighing machine on redondo Pier

Manhattan Dream

Surfer at Manhattan Bech from the Pier

redondo beach old zoom by Mike Hope

Taken with an old 100-300mm FD L Canon lens hand held on Sony A7Rii

Stepping the Beach by Mike Hope

a 24-70mm L series canon shot

Annenberg Beach House by Mike Hope

Walk along the sands from Santa Monica Pier to the Annenberg Beach House.

Hermosa Beach 28mm FD Canon by Mike Hope

Taken this afternoon on the Sony AR7ii with an old 28mm CAnon FD lens.

Flow of the Pelican by Mike Hope

Pelicans flying along the beach today. Caught with old 100-300mm Canon FD on a Sony a6000

Colorful Lady on Steps

A quick shot caught walking along the boardwalk this afternoon of a colorful lady on the mosaic tiled steps

Color Spin by Mike Hope

A whirly wind thing on the beach

No way of theWave by Mike Hope

Lots of watery stuff and some waves

Waiting for the Surf

a shot on windy day on redondo Beach into the sun lots of spray and surf...

Stormy fish Redondo by Mike Hope

Stormy Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Stormy on Redondo

Stormy weekend on Redondo Pier

Tonys Split Tone Fuji by Mike Hope

Tony's with a split tone

Soft Reflection Redondo Harbor by Mike Hope

weekend walk around the pier trying A&Rii with wide angle and multi exposure app

Gulls on Beach BW by Mike Hope

A walk on Hermosa a few weeks ago with the Sony A7Rii. Really liking it and was using an old Canon FD 28mm. Still my favorite.

Gulls on Sand

Taken with old FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii on Hermosa Beach, California

Hermosa Under Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Under Hermosa Pier with Sony AR7ii and old Canon 28mm FD lens.

Sun on Pier by Mike Hope

A shot into the sun with old Canon FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii

Afternoon on the Beach by Mike Hope

Taken with the Sony AR7ii and an old FD 28mm manual Canon lens

Footprints on Hermosa

Taken at the weekend with old Canon FD 28mm lens on new Sony AR7ii

ManhattanPier with two tankers by Mike Hope

A photo from last weekend taken with the Sony A7Rii and an old Canon FD 28mm manual lens

Christmas Lights Manhattan Pierby Mike Hope

Taken yesterday evening just after sunset on Manhattan Pier

Wide on the beach Mike Hope.jpg

On the bike path at Manhattan Beach

Testing the Waters by Mike Hope

Shot on Manhattan Beach with an old FD f/5.6 200-300mm lens with a conversion to fit a Canon 6D. I used Silver Efex filter for an old over exposed black and white effect.

Kincaids by Mike Hope

Multi shot merge of Kincaids on Redondo Beach Pier shot this morning with the Sony a6000

Tony's by Mike Hope

Old Tony's on the pier, Redondo Beach. Taken while waiting for the sunset that came and went. Hand held single shot with Sony a6000 and 35/1.8

Manhattan Beach surrealist

Taken from the Manhattan Beach Pier on a slightly overcast Saturday. Taken with 12 mm wide angle on Sony a6000

Tony's BW by Mike Hope

Old Tony's Restaurant on Redondo Pier

Man Pier Surf by Mike Hope

A shot at the weekend with old FD 28mm canon on Sony A7Rii.

Bikes on Pier

Two bikes on Redondo Pier near some old pics of the pier from the 20's. Taken with an old FD Canon 28mm on Sony A7Rii in manual mode.

Christmas on the Pier Manhattan by Mike Hope

Another take on Manhattan Pier... Happy Holidays!!

Under Pier by Mike Hope

A shot of under the pier with soft midnight effect applied in post

Christmas on Manhattan Pier

Quick shot on way home at Manhattan Beach Pier

B&W Pier

Pier Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Shot on the Sony AR7Rii wide angle multi exposure app (40) to smooth the waves

Go the Distance by Mike Hope

Taken on Redondo Pier with Sony AR7ii and old Canon 75-200mm FD

CanonmmFD Kincaids Glow

A little glow to this old FD 28mm on the Pier in Redondo Beach

Canon28mmFD Kincaids

Trying out an old FD28mm

Evening Sun by Mike Hope

Just before sunset on Redondo Beach Pier,

Old Tony's by Mike Hope

First walk around with new Sony A7-Rii. Bright morning on the pier. Used an old 40mm Canon with auto focus converter and worked like a charm.

Whale Watchers Ticket Booth

Whale watch and Voyager ticket booth on Redondo Pier

On the Rocks by mike Hope

Looking toward Santa Monica from Manhattan beach bike path on a cloudy day

Sunset Redondo Pier Sails by Mike Hope

A picture taken around sunset of the metal sail sculptures on Redondo Beach Pier. I just liked the pattern and color here. Hope you like it too...

Just Another Sunset by Mike Hope

Another shot from last Sunday on the pier. This has more color and warmth! Also I think the seagul adds some depth and movement,

Manhattan Pier Sunset

Manhattan Pier Sunset

Redondo Pier Sunset by Mike Hope

A sunset on Redondo Pier with a little soft focus and warmth added.

Redondo Dream by Mike Hope

A shot this morning on Redondo Pier with the Sony a6000 using multi exposure blending. The camera has to be really steady!!

Manhattan Strand 2 by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Strand looking south from above the bike path

Splash -Mike Hope

Just hanging around the Pier and shot this then reduced clarity to give it a glow effect.


A surfer on Manhattan Beach

Cantina Real - Hermosa Beach - Mike Hope

Cantina Real Restaurant - Pier Ave - Hermosa Beach - Mike Hope - Cropped with HDR Post

Man in Hat in Manhattan by Mike Hope

waling path on the strand Manhattan Beach toward the power station taken with 300 mm FD L on Canon 6D

Maggie May and Cedric the Seagull

A female pirate skeleton on Redondo Beach Board walk on a sailboat. Part of a very clever display...

Power on the Beach.jpg

A Sunday Bike Ride on the beach in Manhattan

Redondo Rocks!

Rodondo with the 16-35mm.

George Freeth Sufer

"The man who walked the water"

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post at twilight. Taken on January 1st, 2013. Hand held Canon EOS-M

Off Duty by Mike Hope (of )

Lifeguard hut on Redondo beach with old Canon FD 300 mm hence narrow field of view for the close effect.

Lifeguard Station by Mike Hope (of )

Lifeguard station on Redondo Beach with the power station in the background. Taken with an old 200-300mm FD Lens on Canon 6D

Peer under the Pier

Manhattan Beach pier

Lonely Lifeguard by Mike Hope

Lifeguard hut on 8th in Manhattan Beach on a stormy weekend. Hardly anyone on the beach!!

Manhattan the Pier by Mike Hope

Manhattan the Pier by Mike Hope just before the storms

Redondo Pier Sunset by Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Suset shot from the other side of the pier with the Canon EOS-M 22mm

Redondo Sun

Redondo Pier Just before sunset

Redondo Beach Pier - Mike Hope

A windy day in Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Sector Nine

Sector Nine Longboard seats. Watermans, Hermosa Beach

Sector 9 Long Boards Black & White

Sector 9 Skateboard seats at the Watermans, Hermosa Beach

Surfs Up - Mike Hope

Caution Surfs Up sign on Redondo Beach Promenade by Mike Hope

S. Pier Life Guard Hut by Mike Hope

Lifeguard hut on the south side of Manhattan Pier on the beginning of a stormy day.

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path Sunday afternoon.

Chalk n Bench by Mike Hope

Walking round Redondo Pier thought the scrubbed and faded chalk made an interesting effect. Used 200-300 mm old FD lens on Canon 6D

The Pier Usunder by Mike Hope

Under the Pier at Manhattan

Tim Kelly - Surfer - Memorial Bronze

Tim Kelly - Surfer Memorial Bronze. Taken in Hermosa Beach at the end of Pier Avenue. A really clear day with the fluffy clouds like wings to Tim Kelly. Best South Bay Surfer and Youth worker, Tim Kelly lived from 1940 to 1964

Redondo Flags Mike Hope

Just the Pier - Mike-Hope

One more. Can't seem to go past the pier without taking a shot!!

Old Tony's at Sunset by Mike Hope

Old Tony's at sunset on Redondo Pier

George Freeth by Mike Hope

George Freeth famous Amirican surfer and lifeguard accredited with ieveloping the rescue paddleboard and the rescue can.

BandShell Wall Art, Veterans Park, Redono Beach

Alas the Bandshell has now been demolished along with the Mural and is no longer there!! This is an extract from the City of Redondo...Created by Los Angeles artist Ray Constantine, the panoramic three-sided Bandshell includes the magnificent old Hotel Redondo, a beach scene with bathing beauties, a Pacific Electric red car, various ladies and gentlemen out for an afternoon stroll, and the old downtown. (Copyright © 2001-2008, City of Redondo Beach)

Enjoy Malibu Mike Hope

Enjoy Malibu. Paradise Cove, 28128 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Old Manhattan Pier

Manhattan Pier, Film Noir effect in the old black and white film look

Santa Monica Sign by Mike Hope

A shot of the Santa Monica Pier sign as we were crossing over.

Hermosa Beach Pier - A Clear Day!

Hermosa Beach Pier on a clear day!! Cold and quiet! Mike Hope

Old Tony's Redondo Pier

Old Tony's Redondo Pier - shot hand held with Canon EOS-M. Early evening.

Abalone Cove Palos Verdes

Abalone Cove Palos Verdes. A little wild and sometimes lonely! Near to the old Marine Land and now the terranea spa Hotel complex..

Redondo Beach Old Public Library

Redondo Beach Old Public Library

Lou E Luey's Boardwalk - Redondo Beach Mike Hope

Lou E Luey's on the Boardwalk, Redondo Beach. This was the old banquet hall. Now closed. Took this at the weekend with the Fuji -X20 and post grunge HDR effect.

Kincaids on the Pier by Mike Hope

Kincaids on Redondo Pier

Under the Pier - Hermosa Beach - Mike Hope

Taken on a clear and cold day (for CA) under the Pier in Hermosa Beach

Ruby St. Life Guard Hut- Redondo Beach - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Life Guard Hut with a little HDR by Mike Hope. At the end of Ruby


Summer of Color - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Life Guard Hut

Life Guard Hut - Mike Hope

Shot into the sun on cloudy day on Redondo Beach. Moody feel with HDR effect by Mike Hope

Summer of Color 2010 - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Summer of Color by Mike Hope


The Bikini Shop - Mike Hope

Bikini and Towel shop in Venice Beach California

Summer of Color 2

Redondo Beach Life Guard hut

Ruby Life Guard Hut Slim Crop

Lamp holder

Crab Shack Light

Pier Rules

No fun on the pier!!

Enter At Your Own Risk Mike Hope

Sign given some metal grunge treatment with the ocean in the background

Keep Off

Keep Off Splash Wall!! Who knows what will happen to you!!

Caution Surfs Up

Surfs Up Sign on gate Redondo Beach Esplanade

Whirley Thing - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

Kites and colorful windmills on Redondo Beach Pier. Now called Redondo Landing

Got Tickets! Mike Hope

Photo of Ticket Booth for Boat Rides by Mike Hope

Steamed on Request Male or Female - Mike Hope

Local crabs male or female steamed on request. Sign on Redondo Pier Boardwalk by Mike Hope

Fun Factory B&W - Redondo Beach - Pier - Mike Hope

Fun Factory Sign Redondo Beach Pier

Fun Factory - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

The Fun Factory on Redondo Beach Pier by Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Waterfront - Mike Hope

Street sign at Redondo Beach Pier by Mike Hope

Bench Color Sail Seat

A bench in the Riviera in Redondo Beach

Turn To Clear Vision - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

Bi-Nocular Telescope on Redondo Beach Pier.

Boat Rides

Show me the way by Mike Hope

Travel distance sign in Redondo Pier taken with Sony A7Rii and given blur and B&W

Sector9 - LongBoards RED - Mike Hope

Sector9 Long Boards with red filter treatment by Mike Hope

Fun Factory - Mike Hope - Redondo Pier

Have Fun at the Factory!! Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Caution Bike Path Sign

Be careful on the Bike Path by Mike Hope

Coke Can

Old Coke Can kicking around Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Redondo Beach - Mike Hope

Clear day in Redondo Beach with the Pier in the distance.

Cobbles Ice Cream

Ice Cream Van, Plymouth England

The Neighborhood Church - Mike Hope

Beautiful Neighborhood Church in Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates, California. Mike Hope

Summer of Color 3 - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Life guard hut

Manhattan Beach Pier

Under Manhattan Beach Pier with the handy Fuji X-20

Manhattan Pier - HDR - B&W

Manhattan Pier taken with the fujifilm X-20 and tone worked in Photomatix to give it an HDR effect

Wave on Rocks - Mike Hope

Abalone cove, Palos Verdes, on a windy day with surf breaking over the rocks

Dark Pier - Mike Hope

Taken by Manhattan Pier this morning and a little post work in Lightroom. Nice day for a bike ride!!

Slant on Manhattan Pier

A shot of Manhattan Pier taken last Suturday. The light on the ocean was good and there was only a small swell. The slant gives it a sort of motion and the angle almost a 3D effect.

Under the Pier - Hermosa Beach

Under the Pier - Hermosa Beach, California, by Mike Hope on a clear morning walk...

Redondo Beach Board Walk

Redondo Beach Board Walk

Redondo Riviera - Store

A store in the Hollywood Riviera area of Redondo Beach=h on Catalina Avenue.

Veterans Library Old Fig Tree Redondo

The Veterans Library Old Fig Tree in Redondo Beach. I just wish I could have got this some years ago before the fence went up. I really like the long shadows of the palms!

Northwestern Pacific - Fishermans Warf

Northwestern Pacific on Fishermans Warf San Francisco

Manhattan Strand 2 by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Strand looking south from above the bike path

Deck Chair Lady

Going through a collection of old 35mm slides, I found this one and scanned it on an HP flat bed. I think this lovely lady is renting deck chairs. It could be in the UK as I think the newspaper is a Daily Mirror! Hope you like it!

Polly's on the Pier.jpg

Taken with old Canon FD 200-300mm zoom on canon Polly's on a small fishing pier in Redondo Beach. At the time I had to use a glass adapter so the lens would focus on the digital body but overall the colors are good if not the sharpest!

Palm & Trees

Test of the three shot bracket on 35mm 1.8


on the Oregon coast near Cannon Beach

Life Guards Manhattan by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Life Guards Saturday

Stormy Day Manhattan Pier by Mike Hope

Stormy Weekend in November on Manhattan Beach. The holiday lights have been put up and the star can be seen up on the top.

Lone surfer by Mike Hope

walking on the windy beach near Manhattan caught a lone surfer.

Cape Meares Lighthouse by Mike Hope

Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon coast about 10 miles from Tillamook. Arch Cape is also close by and Cannon Beach.

Hermosa Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Take with an old 24 mm f/2.8 Canon on Sony A7Rii into the sun at f/16-22

Hermosa Pier by Mike Hope

An afternoon walk along Hermosa and Manhattan Beach at the weekend. Just shooting into the sun with an old Canon FD 24mm manual f/2.8 on the Sony A7Rii

Roller by Mike Hope

Shot up of Roller Coaster in Santa Monica. Dropped red filter

Fun at Santa Monica by Mike Hope

Black and white of Santa Monica Fair Ground Rides

Pier on Duotone by Mike Hope

A picture of Hermosa Pier with a lightroom duotone filter applied. The shot was done toward the sun for the silhouette effect and high contrast look.

Pelicans By Mike Hope

Walking on Hermosa beach after the rains and caught this line of pelicans flying by

London in Hermosa by Mike Hope (of )

Taken near Hermosa Pier with an old Canon 40 mm on a Sony A7Rii and used lightroom filter for pop.

Hermosa Sandelings by Mike Hope

Shot of some Sanderlings chasing food on the Hermosa Beach seashore

London in Redondo by Mike Hope

A multi timed exposure to soften the water and cloud giving a smooth effect and cutting out the motion of people.

King Harbor from Shade Hotel by Mike Hope

A shot from the top of the new Shade Hotel on Harbor Drive Redondo Beach

Wyland Whales by Mike Hope

From the site: REDONDO BEACH, CA--Laguna Beach artist, Wyland, who has built an empire on the ecology of the ocean, made it his goal some years ago to create whale murals around the globe. His Redondo Beach Whaling Wall depicts 12 migrating whales.

Sunset Hermosa by Mike Hope

Driving home this evening and jumped out to catch a few shots of the sunset. Lovely clouds!! Hope you like it.

Hermosa Sunset nd by Mike Hope (of )

Taken on the way home yesterday evening

Hermosa Sunset 22nd ST 2 by Mike Hope (of )

Taken on the way home yesterday evening when passing through Hermosa Beach

Pier Surfer one soft by Mike Hope

Taken one weekend in Hermosa Beach looking toward Manhattan. I believe it was the old FD 28mm Canon FD on the Sony A7Rii

Galaxy NTerranea by Mike Hope

Taken Saturday afternoon on cell phone as I didn't have my camera with me. I did use a little Samsung wide angle attachment lens.

On the way to Arch Cape

On the September Road Trip up the coast to Canada

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Rides on the pier summer weekend.

Redondo Beach Spring by Mike Hope

Taken today walking around the beach using a DHG Super Circular polariser on the A7Rii

No Swimming on Rocks by Mike Hope

Taken on today's beach walk trying the DHG Super Circular Polariser

Hermosa Surf By Mike Hope

Surfing in Hermosa

Mori Point

Out on Mori Point, hiking on Sunday

Mori Point ()

Mori Point Pacifica Beach on the weekend

Mori Point on high

Mori Point, Pacifica Beach, just south of San Francisco. A great place for an afternoon hike. Hiyeni horshah tpeshah wahrep Aramai (welcome to the homeland of the Aramai)

Mori Point ()

Mori Point near Pacifica, just outside of San Francisco. Spring hike after the rains.

Near Atherfield Bay and Cliffs

Taken on an afternoon drive around the island

Torrance Beach from Malaga by Mike Hope

Walking on a Sunday afternoon along Malaga Canyon looking toward Rat beach, and beyond so Santa Monica

body glove by mike_hope

The Body Glove boat in King Harbor Redondo Beach

Manhattan Surfers

manhattan surf competition

Walking on the prom Santa Monica by Mike Hope

Walking on the Beach Santa Monica California

Hermosa Fishing

Hermosa Pier

Just Fishing by Mike Hope

Fishing on the pier old FD Canon L 100-300 mm lens manual

Redondo Palms Mike Hope

Bright Sky day in Redondo with a little grunge

Sunset N End Manhattan Gas by Mike Hope

Driving home into Manhattan Beach pulled into the gas station to take a quick shot!!

Sunset N End Manhattan Gas by Mike Hope (of )

Stopped at the gas station and took a quick shot just coming into Manhattan Beach.

Hermosa Sunset nd St by Mike Hope

Driving home through Hermosa

Hermosa Sunset () nd St by Mike Hope

On way home stopped at 22nd street to take this shot just after sunset

Guiding Light - Vicente Lighthouse

Weekend walkabout on the peninsula. Shot into the sun and processed with a light filter effect in post.

Old Polly's by Mike Hope (of )

Picture of the old Polly's on the Pier, the weekend after they closed down for good. Sad days but they have opened on the boardwalk if you need a good breakfast!

Redondo Beach Police Boat by Mike Hope

Santa Monica Police B&W by Mike Hope

The iconic Santa Monica Police station on Santa Monica Pier