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Mike Hope Photography

Bugatti Veyron MPH Super Sport by Mike Hope

Bugatti-Veyron, 258 MPH,Super Sport 300 16.4,1,200 bhp, 7,993 cc DOHC 64-valve intercooled W-16 engine with four turbochargers!! 7 speed dual clutch to boot!!

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bel Air Art Deco Eagle by Mike Hope

This is a classic car Chrysler Bel Air, circa 1956, eagle emblem. I used black and white with a slight texturizer effect for a more canvas look. Hope you like it.

Chrysler Classic Eagle Hood Mascot By Mike Hope

Cobra Stripe by Mike Hope

Shot on Redondo Pier Classic Car show

Classic Chrysler Royal Wagon

Classic 1950 Chrysler Royal Woody

STOP by Mike Hope

Stop Light on Classic old car on Redondo Pier

Ford Fairlane by Mike Hope

Ford Fairlane hood with emblem and reflections

Boys on the Chevy by Mike Hope

Two boys looking at a jet skier on the back of a classic Chevrolet pick-up at redondo Beach, California

Midnight Dice by Mike Hope

Hot Rod with Dice from the Redondo Beach Classic Parade last weekend. used a little midnight filter for the dak effect.

Taillights by Michael Hope

Tail lights of Classic Car in duo tone filter

Place Bottle Here by Mike Hope

Classic BelAir with Coka Cola bottle holder on Redondo Beach Pier

Rusty's racing by Mike Hope

Side door of old classic with Rusty's Racing on the side

Flaming Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Hot Rod with custom flame paint on Redondo Pier

Just for Fun F Type Jag by Mike Hope

A shot of me in an F-Type Jaguar at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monca... Just for fun and added some post motion blur.

Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Classic Hot Rod on redondo Pier

Classic Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Classic Hot Rod on redondo Pier

Dash by Mike Hope

Auto dash captured on Redondo Pier Classic Car Exhibition


Classic Car Show at Redondo Beach Pier

old Rolls Royce

Old Rolls Royce at the links in Liphook

Custom Blue Classic by Mike-Hope

Custom Classic car on Redondo Beach Pier

Aston Martin DB5

My favorite car! Shot in The Old Thorns Golf Club and Hotel near Liphook Hampshire, UK

VW by Mike Hope

Old VW Camper Van in great classic condition

Manhattan Police Motor Cycle by Mike Hope

Manhattan Police Motor Cycle on the Pier yesterday with a number of others. Fully Loaded!!

Ferrari Berlinetta F12

Brand New Ferrari Berlinetta F12 at Northbrook Park, Farnham UK

F-TYPE Jaguar in UK Stripe

F-Type Jaguar captured in Santa Monica. Nice but not as well made as they used to be! Or perhaps I'm just nostagic!

VW Camper Speedupby Mike Hope

A VW Camper shot in UK last year and given some B7W speed up treatment

Red Ford Hot-Rod

Red Ford Hot-Rod taken on Hermosa Pier with the Canon EOS-M hand held

VW on a Kodak moment

Old VW camper in Petworth UK with a Kodak filter and a bit of speed for motion.

Ford by Mike Hope

Classic Ford

Chevrolet by Mike Hope

Chevrolet Classic Truck

The Woody Door by Mike-Hope

A Classic Woody with custom work in Redondo

Transport by Mike Hope

Classic Cars on Redondo Pier

Classic Ford Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Old Ford Hot-Rod on Redondo Pier, California

Classic Ford Pickup by Mike Hope

Classic Ford Pickup with wood flatbed.

Fire Truck by Mike Hope

Old Fire Truck on Redondo Pier Classic Car parade

Ford DeLuxe - Mike Hope

Ford DeLuxe Classic Car.

Corvette DashBoard - Mike Hope

A classic shot of a classic 1958 Corvette Dashboard. Taken in Hermosa Beach California.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan-23 3 wheeler

Morgan 3 wheeler on Redondo Beach. Beautiful example of this collectors edition

Ferrari Berlinetta Wheel

Brand New Berlinetta by Ferrari

Classic Corvette Flag - Mike Hope

Hermosa Beach Classic 1958 Corvette, close up of the flag emblem and chrome wheels

Morgan Emblem 3 Wheeler

Morgan Emblem 3 Wheeler

Cobra Classic - Mike Hope

Cobra at the Classic Car show on Redondo Beach Fishermans Warf

Bel Air Classic Chevy, Cowl Induction Mike-Hope

Chevy Bel Air Classic Car, Cowl Induction shot by Mike Hope

Bel Air Classic Car

Chevy Bel Air Classic Car

Classic Woodie - Mike Hope

Classic Woodie Crop, Side mirror by Mike Hope. Nash Suburban circa 1940

Classic Ford DeLuxe

Circa 1948 Classic Ford Deluxe Dash

Corvette X-Flag - Mike Hope

Corvette X-Flag emblem circa 58 Shot outside the Mermaid in Hermosa Beach

Do It In a Corvette Mike Hope

Corvette circa 1958

London Bus in Argentina - Mike Hope

A full on London Bus in Argentina complete with authentic number plate!

Chevy Power Glide - Mike Hope

1950's Chevy

Chevy Glide

Misty Morning in Back Bay of Pacific Coast Highway

Hampshire Constabulary


Corvette Dash - B&W- Mike Hope

This is a black and white shot of the classic corvette dash. I believe this is a 1958 model. It was in mint condition, bright red. A fantastic car.

The Ice Cream Cart - Mike Hope

An old ice cream cart and bicycle for sale in a small English village. Not there this year! Haslemere

What car is this?

Hot Rod Garage - Mike Hope

A shot at Peterson's. A great set up. Processed in Photoforge to give the "devilish" highlights!

US Army WWII Ambulance

Shot in Back Bay off PCH

Classic car in Buenos Aires - Mike Hope

Old Classic in Buenos Aires Street

Cobbles Ice Cream

Ice Cream Van, Plymouth England

Cobbles Ice Cream

Cobbles Ice Cream Van in Plymouth UK


Blue Lincoln

This car had such a good color but also has an impact with only blue left in

Blue Chevrolet

Chevy with a little poster work

Tractors - Rose Parade

Colorful parade of tractors. I wouldn't mind one of these to drive around the garden :-) Shot at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, New Year's Day Celebration 2013 Mike Hope

Little Red Fire Truck - Mike Hope

Walking around at the Redondo Beach Summer Festival I spotted this great little fire truck - peddle car. It really caught my eye!! A great day out too...

Indian Motor Cycle by Mike Hope

A Classic Indian Scout Motorcycle in the Anza Borrego Desert near San Diego, California

Old Jeep by Mike Hope

Old Jeep in a store on the waterfront in San Diego


Redondo High School Auto Show 2017, Sat October 14th

Mini Racer #by Mike Hope

Mini racers at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles

Sporty by Mike Hope

Taken at the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles