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Mike Hope Photography

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park....Revisited with some filter and texture in post. Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

Structure Splash by Mike Hope

Santa Monica Parking Structure. Zapped again!!

cash register by mike hope

Cash Register caught on a antique store walk around with the Canon EOS-M hand held.

Sector9 - LongBoards RED - Mike Hope

Sector9 Long Boards with red filter treatment by Mike Hope

Mesh iPad Drawing - Mike Hope

A drawing I made on the iPad and re-worked with some photo art tools in post. Then merged into this interesting result. Sort of a self portrait!

flower of the sun by Mike Hope

A sunflower taken early evening and worked in Photoshop then a little abstract Smart Photo Curious Life of Filters. Tweaked until the color popped! I sort of like the effect!! Really jumps out and looks great in a frame!!

Kubrick Entrance - Mike Hope

Picture taken withthe Canon EOS-M outside the entrance to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the LACMA. I did a little post grunge to give it this street hard look to it.

Lou E Luey's Boardwalk - Redondo Beach Mike Hope

Lou E Luey's on the Boardwalk, Redondo Beach. This was the old banquet hall. Now closed. Took this at the weekend with the Fuji -X20 and post grunge HDR effect.

Michael Hope

Old Presidentual Limo Taken at Ronald Regan Library Museum - Presidents Day Weekend

High Voltage - Mike Hope

High Voltage sign on a doorway on Redondo Beach Pier

Berlin Wall Exhibit - ReWorked - Mike Hope

Well it's sort of Tear Down The Wall. Posters from those days of seperation! Supression!!

Fun Factory - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

The Fun Factory on Redondo Beach Pier by Mike Hope

Sector Nine - Longboards

Sector Nine Boards. Part of a seat outside the Watermans on Hermosa Beach

Another Sector 9 Rendition by Mike Hope

Sector Nine with Red filter by Mike Hope

Watch on Swirl under Lazer - Mike Hope

Just playing around with laser light on the Accutron. Added a little swirl in the background.

Make The Call!! Mike Hope!

A little Disconnected!! Phone Booth Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Victoria Scales Weigh Machine - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

A Weigh Machine with a little Sin City Filter on Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Enter At Your Own Risk Mike Hope

Sign given some metal grunge treatment with the ocean in the background

Pop Art Watch - Mike Hope

Watch taken with Laser light and pop art effect

Pier Rules

No fun on the pier!!

Keep Off

Keep Off Splash Wall!! Who knows what will happen to you!!

Parking Level 7 or is it a Squid? - Mike Hope

A wall painting on Redondo Beach pier parking structre given a Cubist treatment in post. Using SmartPhoto editor.

Hollywood Cosmic Smoke - Mike Hope

A picture taken of the Hollywood Sign and reworked with a cosmic smoke filter

The Walk

This was a covered pergola in Riverside and then an old sepia filter applied.

Lalique Yoga with iPad Back Drop

Lalique Crystal, taken with iPad as backdrop finished in lightroom and PS elements. Natural Light.

Rock Wall Mike Hope

New Rock wall Lightroomed a bit. LA Natural History

Henged Out - Mike Hope

Stonehenge with charcoal treatment to give it the ancient feel. Notice the one person in the back ground? Mike Hope

Fun Factory - Mike Hope - Redondo Pier

Have Fun at the Factory!! Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

George Freeth - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

"Father of Modern Surfing" Bronze on Pier - George Freeth

Turn to Clear Vision

Mike Hope, Hermosaman, Michael-Hope

Tear Down The Wall! Mike Hope

Tear Down the Wall - No Barriers - Ronald Regan Library Low light No Flash Allowed

Wall Behind The wire - Mike Hope

Photo taken in low light re-worked in Smart Photo. Presidents Day at Ronald Regan Library. Berlin Wall exhibit

AirForce One Tail - Mike Hope

AirForce One Tail of the Boeing 707, Shot at Ronald Regan Library - Bullet holes in Tail??

Coke Can - Mike Hope

Coke Can beaten up and old on a walk in Redondo Beach - rewoked in black and white to give it more pop!

Twisted Me - Mike Hope

An iPad drawing i did and the reworked in Smart Photo gotto thank those guys for their creative filters!! Hope you like it.

Buenos Aires Street Theatre Mike Hope

Buenos Aires Street Theatre

Steel Balls Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Steel Sculpture at Crissy fields in San Francisco

Mark di Suvero Sculpture by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Sculpture at Crissy Fields, San Francisco. Great steel sculptures set in beautiful park and water surrounds with Golden Gate Bridge as the back drop.

Parking Speed Warp by Mike Hope

Parking Structure in Santa Monica subjected to some warp speed treatment

Bridged Over by Mike Hope

Bridge of Iron Golden Gate

Cogs (of )

Cogs from wikapedia: Jack London State Historic Park, also known as Jack London Home and Ranch, is a California State Historic Park near Glen Ellen, California, United States, situated on the eastern slope of Sonoma Mountain. It includes the ruins of a house burned a few months before Jack London and family were to move in, a cottage in which they had lived, another house built later, and the graves of Jack London and his wife. The property is both a California Historical Landmark and a National Historic Landmark. The Jack London home, called the Wolf House, is a sizable stone structure, which was destroyed by fire and whose ruins are visible within the state park property. The sloping terrain of the park has a considerable occurrence of Goulding clay loam soils, particularly in the lower reaches.[5]

A Knight with the King of Spades by Mike Hope

A Knight with the King of Spades

Lonely Lifeguard by Mike Hope

Lifeguard hut on 8th in Manhattan Beach on a stormy weekend. Hardly anyone on the beach!!

Crissy Iron by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Iron Sculpture at Crissy Field, San Francisco

Taillights by Michael Hope

Tail lights of Classic Car in duo tone filter

Bel Air Art Deco Eagle by Mike Hope

This is a classic car Chrysler Bel Air, circa 1956, eagle emblem. I used black and white with a slight texturizer effect for a more canvas look. Hope you like it.

Gulls on Sand

Taken with old FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii on Hermosa Beach, California

Under Pier by Mike Hope

A shot of under the pier with soft midnight effect applied in post

Bikes on Pier

Two bikes on Redondo Pier near some old pics of the pier from the 20's. Taken with an old FD Canon 28mm on Sony A7Rii in manual mode.

Color Spin by Mike Hope

A whirly wind thing on the beach

Roman Stone Writing by Mike Hope

Original Stone in the Roman Baths in Bath, UK, with Latin writing that may be "Corelian" or similar and may relate to the ideal Roman woman "Cornelia" but I cannot be sure...

Sun Flower Envelope by Mike Hope

Sunflower Postcard envelope treatment and warming light leak on upper left. Handwriting and post mark.

Old B&W Coke Can by Mike Hope

My old favorite Coke can that i just reworked with a duo filter for background effect to give the wall and surface more definition and grungy look.

Mopop Seattle by Mike Hope

This was originally an outside shot of the MoPOP Music Museum in Seattle, a futuristic Frank O. Gehry designed building. I used the curves of the Gehry design and worked it with a background and Difference overlay to achieve this effect.

Petworth Tree B&W by Mike Hope

Tree in Petworth PArk with reverse and color drop

Tubiby Mike Hope

Urban crazy golf in San Fran. I like this guy!!

Mission San Juan lilies by Mike Hope

San Juan Capistrano water Lilies with a little Monet effect.

New York Zaha Hadid B& W by MikeHope

Amazing Architecture by Zaha Hadid on the highline walk in New York, close to the waterfront.

Pier Art Mike Hope

Just messin with the new lens and some art filters

Motion Sun Set by Mike Hope

A sunset with lifeguard hut used a motion effect centered on the hut