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Mike Hope Photography

Origon Coast Light House by Mike Hope

Lighthouse at Heceta Head near Arch Cape Oregon

The River at Fort Clatsop

On the road to Washington stopped off at Fort Caltsop on the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon.

Early morning Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Shot early morning at Lake Crescent. A deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia

Fingers of Mist

Mist rolling around the rain forest above Quinault lake in the early evening.

Before the Dawn by Mike Hope

Walking Quinault lake in the early morning light with the mist changing every moment and the light evolving as the sun makes it's presence from the east.

Fly in to Vancouver by Mike Hope

Flying into Vancouver on a sea plane

Butchart Dahlia by Mike Hope

Butchart Dahlia captured in the magnificent Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island near Victoria. These gardens are one of the most beautiful in the world and were transformed from an old quarry. They have to be seen to be appreciated!!

Depoe Bay N by Mike Hope

On the way up the Oregon Coast to Washington. Stopped off n Depoe Bay and watched some Grey Wales. Great town very friendly people.

Cape Meares Lighthouse by Mike Hope

Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon coast about 10 miles from Tillamook. Arch Cape is also close by and Cannon Beach.

Bracket Fungus by Mike Hope

In the Quinault Rain Forest Fungus abound

Lake Crescent Panorama

A panorama of Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park, Washington.

Trumpet Flower by Mike Hope

Taken in September at Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada.

Water Fall in Quinault by Mike Hope

Fresh Popcorn

A fine example of a Popcorn Cart at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Most definitely worth as visit and not to be missed.

Space Needle B&W by Mike Hope

Space Needle in Seattle, Washington, caught around midday with the sun behind causing a dramatic effect.

Needle Top

Top of the Seattle Space Needle in Black and White

The Manor Castle Combe by Mike Hope

Set in a 14th-century manor and outbuildings, this upscale country house hotel is 13.2 miles from Bath and 7.8 miles from junction 18 of the M4. (from their web) It is beautiful and features a stunning golf course!! 5 Stars!!


Dynamic Dahlia's

Close up in the afternoon sun of a radiant red and gold dahlia.

Stormy Day Manhattan Pier by Mike Hope

Stormy Weekend in November on Manhattan Beach. The holiday lights have been put up and the star can be seen up on the top.

Aluminium on Stilts by Mike Hope

A fisherman's hut sculpture made from Aluminium known as Crooked Hut on Stilts, Light Shed by Liz Magor. The harbor in Vancouver, Canada


Out whale watching off Vancouver island caught this impressive schooner sailing by.

Lone surfer by Mike Hope

walking on the windy beach near Manhattan caught a lone surfer.

Flower of the Sun by Mike Hope

Shot in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in late afternoon and used a little overlay

Coast Guard under Tow by Mike Hope

Caught this pic as two US Coast Guard vessels were returning to Depoe Bay. One was under tow

Black & White Flower by Mike Hope

A beautiful Daisy in Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island

Hermosa Pier by Mike Hope

An afternoon walk along Hermosa and Manhattan Beach at the weekend. Just shooting into the sun with an old Canon FD 24mm manual f/2.8 on the Sony A7Rii

Roller by Mike Hope

Shot up of Roller Coaster in Santa Monica. Dropped red filter

The Roman Baths

The historic Roman Baths in Bath City on the river Avon in England

Big Eye in Black by Mike Hope

Big Eye London, on a September evening during a concert for Jaguar Ad.

Buenos Aires Street by Mike Hope

Old shot from Buenos Aires, San Telmo area, reworked in B&W film effect

Quinault Sunset by Mike Hope

Sunset on our first evening at Quinault Lake, on the edge of the Quinault rain Forrest and the Olympic National Park in Washington

Depoe Solitude by Mike Hope

Walking in the morning light in Depoe Bay, on the Oregon Coast. A favorite haunt for grey whales and sightseers alike.

Mount Olympus by Mike Hope

Taken on he way from Victoria to Vancouver from the window of the seaplane. Early morning haze and distance but you can see the glacier topped peaks.

Space Needle by Mike Hope

Iconic Seattle Space Needle in Washington, USA. Built for the World's Fair in 1962


Second Look at some London photos

Castle Combe High Street Revisited

Beautiful Castle Combe village in the Cotswolds, UK.


Early morning walk around Quinault Lake, Washington.

Lake Crescent Evening by Mike Hope

Evening falling on Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Park. Our last stay before moving on to Vancouver Island.

Kingston Ferry to Seattle by Mike Hope

Waiting for the car ferry in Kingston, Washington to Seattle with what I believe is Mount Rainier in the distance and the space needle in Seattle.

Gehry Seattle B&W Mike

"When Frank O. Gehry began designing EMP, he was inspired to create a structure that evoked the rock ‘n’ roll experience. He purchased several electric guitars, sliced them into pieces, and used them as building blocks for an early model design. EMP Museum".

Two Towers by Mike Hope

Tricorn Towers in Century Park

Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic National Park

Kalaloch Lodge at Olympic National Park looking down from the lodge toward this small water area of Kalaloch Creek with old dried trees.

Water Taxi

Water Taxi in Victoria Harbor, Canada

Garden Butchart

Beautiful Butchart Gardens near Victoria canada on Vancouver Island. This is definitely a must see if you are there and can easily spend a whole day.

An Hermosa afternoon by Mike Hope

Taken on a walk about this December with the Sony A7Rii and an old FD 28mm Canon Lens

Marbled Godwit by Mike Hope

Marbled Godwit on Hermosa Beach, California

LAX Encounters by Mike Hope

Rework photo from parking lot at LAX looking towards the Iconic Encounters Restaurant (now closed). Taken a sunset with the sun going down behind the structure.

Weight for It by Mike Hope

Weighing machine on redondo Pier

Castle Inn Castle Combe by Mike Hope

The castle Inn in Castle Combe on the edge of the Cotswolds in UK. This is a magical place used in many motion pictures. The last one was War Horse by Steven Spielberg

San Fran Golden Gate Bridge Pop

A little re-work with Background layer effect for a bit more pop!!

Street Artist by Mike Hope

Street Artist in Pike Place Market, Seattle

Hot Sausage Company by Mike Hope

Walk Street in historic Roman city of Bath in somerset, England, with hot sausage seller in the background

redondo beach old zoom by Mike Hope

Taken with an old 100-300mm FD L Canon lens hand held on Sony A7Rii

Through the Garden Gate by Mike Hope

Old Castle Come village street to the Manor House in late summer toward evening.

Roxanna HC by Mike Hope

Shot with the Canon EOS-M with 22mm 1.8 and used high contrast kodak filter to give the look.

Lacock Matilda Talbot typewriter

Vintage typewriter from Lacock Abbey the home of Henry Fox Talbot the pioneer of photography. This typewriter was thought to have been used by his granddaughter Matilda Talbot. "They wanted me to be the best I could be, and I wanted not to disappoint them". Matilda Talbot.

Colorful Lady on Steps

A quick shot caught walking along the boardwalk this afternoon of a colorful lady on the mosaic tiled steps

Bridge to darkness by Mike Hope

Old bridge in Castle Combe to the Manor, given a darkening effect.

High Street Castle Combe by Mike Hope

High Street Castle Combe with the swans on the bridge

Flow of the Pelican by Mike Hope

Pelicans flying along the beach today. Caught with old 100-300mm Canon FD on a Sony a6000

Gulls on Beach BW by Mike Hope

A walk on Hermosa a few weeks ago with the Sony A7Rii. Really liking it and was using an old Canon FD 28mm. Still my favorite.


Windy day on Redondo Beach

Waiting for the Surf

a shot on windy day on redondo Beach into the sun lots of spray and surf...

Under The light by Mike Hope

A rework of an earlier post with a little detail extraction and vibrance to give it a bit more pop! #sonyalpha

Another Seagull Afternoon by Mike Hope

A rework on the seagulls on the strand taken with Sony A7Rii and old Canon 28 mm FD lens.

Stepping the Beach by Mike Hope

a 24-70mm L series canon shot

Testing the Waters by Mike Hope

Shot on Manhattan Beach with an old FD f/5.6 200-300mm lens with a conversion to fit a Canon 6D. I used Silver Efex filter for an old over exposed black and white effect.

Gulls on Sand

Taken with old FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii on Hermosa Beach, California

Waiting by Mike Hope

A high tide on a windy NWesterly breeze in Redondo Beach

Hermosa Beach 28mm FD Canon by Mike Hope

Taken this afternoon on the Sony AR7ii with an old 28mm CAnon FD lens.

Footprints on Hermosa

Taken at the weekend with old Canon FD 28mm lens on new Sony AR7ii

Sandy on Power by Mike Hope

Unusually quite bike path and beach scene along by the Power Station in Manhattan Beach

Peer under the Pier

Manhattan Beach pier

Annenberg Beach House by Mike Hope

Walk along the sands from Santa Monica Pier to the Annenberg Beach House.

EmptyPier by Mike-Hope

Cold morning on the pier. No one about

Redondo Dream by Mike Hope

A shot this morning on Redondo Pier with the Sony a6000 using multi exposure blending. The camera has to be really steady!!

Evening Sun by Mike Hope

Just before sunset on Redondo Beach Pier,

Hermosa Under Pier B&W by Mike Hope

Under Hermosa Pier with Sony AR7ii and old Canon 28mm FD lens.

The Warming Hut by Mike Hope

Shot in Crissy Fields San Francisco during a foggy afternoon. Got a coffee from the Warming Hut close by.

Afternoon on the Beach by Mike Hope

Taken with the Sony AR7ii and an old FD 28mm manual Canon lens

Stormy fish Redondo by Mike Hope

Stormy Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Stormy on Redondo

Stormy weekend on Redondo Pier

Manhattan Dream

Surfer at Manhattan Bech from the Pier

ManhattanPier with two tankers by Mike Hope

A photo from last weekend taken with the Sony A7Rii and an old Canon FD 28mm manual lens

Sun on Pier by Mike Hope

A shot into the sun with old Canon FD 28mm on Sony A7Rii

Tonys Split Tone Fuji by Mike Hope

Tony's with a split tone

Christmas on Manhattan Pier

Quick shot on way home at Manhattan Beach Pier

Christmas on the Pier Manhattan by Mike Hope

Another take on Manhattan Pier... Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Lights Manhattan Pierby Mike Hope

Taken yesterday evening just after sunset on Manhattan Pier

Tony's by Mike Hope

Old Tony's on the pier, Redondo Beach. Taken while waiting for the sunset that came and went. Hand held single shot with Sony a6000 and 35/1.8

Soft Reflection Redondo Harbor by Mike Hope

weekend walk around the pier trying A&Rii with wide angle and multi exposure app

Wide on the beach Mike Hope.jpg

On the bike path at Manhattan Beach

Kincaids by Mike Hope

Multi shot merge of Kincaids on Redondo Beach Pier shot this morning with the Sony a6000

sailing home

sailing by Redondo pier

Stack of Power by Mike Hope

Power Stack at the Scattergood Power Plant near Manhattan Beach, California

Boys on the Chevy by Mike Hope

Two boys looking at a jet skier on the back of a classic Chevrolet pick-up at redondo Beach, California

End of the Trail Route 66

Route 66 End of Trail sign on Santa Monica Pier California

B&W Pier

On the Rocks by mike Hope

Looking toward Santa Monica from Manhattan beach bike path on a cloudy day

Sunset Redondo Pier Sails by Mike Hope

A picture taken around sunset of the metal sail sculptures on Redondo Beach Pier. I just liked the pattern and color here. Hope you like it too...

Canon28mmFD Kincaids

Trying out an old FD28mm

Redondo Pier Sunset by Mike Hope

A sunset on Redondo Pier with a little soft focus and warmth added.

CanonmmFD Kincaids Glow

A little glow to this old FD 28mm on the Pier in Redondo Beach

Chalk n Bench by Mike Hope

Walking round Redondo Pier thought the scrubbed and faded chalk made an interesting effect. Used 200-300 mm old FD lens on Canon 6D

Manhattan Strand 2 by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Strand looking south from above the bike path

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park....Revisited with some filter and texture in post. Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

Canoes by Mike Hope

Back Bay off the Pacific Coast Highway on the road to San Francisco

Vineyard Afternoon by Mike Hope

Vineyards at Benziger Winery in Glen Ellen near Sonoma, California


The close-up sunflower shot yesterday in the late afternoon light..

Wet & Sunny Tu by Mike Hope

Working on the Sunflowers. They are always inspiring...

Wet Sunflower by Mike Hope

This is a sunflower I took in the living room in natural sunlight. I took five different exposures and then fused them in an HDR process. Then I added a software rain filter to give the final effect. Hope you like it.

Sun Flower Envelope by Mike Hope

Sunflower Postcard envelope treatment and warming light leak on upper left. Handwriting and post mark.

Soft Sunflower by Mike Hope

Soft Sunflower taken with old 50mm FD on Canon 6D macro and soft focus. Just playing around!

FlowSunFlower by Mike Hope

Another working of the sunflower shoot done in late afternoon light and filtered with texture and vignette.

Vibrant Sunflower by Mike Hope

Sunflower HDR and Vibrant filter by Mike Hope

Sunflower Evening by Mike Hope

A sunflower taken in the evening sun today

2nd Sunflower 40mm by Mike Hope

2nd sunflower of the evening taken with 40mm canon lens on Sony A7Rii

Sunflower evening 2 by Mike Hope

Second in the set from this evening as the sun was warming the flowers

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Just trying out some old lenses and took a close up with a 300mm Canon on the Sony A7Rii

Afternoon Rose by Mike Hope

Further afternoon rose with old FD lens either 50mm or 300mm L series

Afternoon Tulips by Mike Hope

A quick shot as the afternoon light was catching the glow of the tulips.

Who Painted Petworth House

Petworth House Sussex.

Summer Daze

Summer Daze in Bath upon Avon in Somerset England!

The Bridge to the Manor

The bridge at the entrance to the Manor Hotel in Castle Combe. A magical village at the edge of the Cotswolds where many famous movies have featured the town. It is a must visit and so beautiful. The Manor is definitley worth a stay...

The Bridge to Autumn by Mike Hope

The bridge across the river "By Brook" to the Manor in Castle Combe UK on the edge of the Cotswolds. A magical "Harry Potter" village

Where Photography Started - The Oriel Window Lacock Abbey

This is widely accredited as being the window where Fox Talbot created the very first photograph: The Oriel Window, South Gallery, Lacock Abbey], 1835 or 1839 William Henry Fox Talbot (British, 1800–1877). I was lucky enough to be at Lacock in the UK and took this picture of the first picture taken anywhere in the world!

ByBrook Bridge by Mike Hope

ByBrook Bridge Castle Combe, UK on the edge of the Cotswolds.

Petworth Grounds by Mike Hope

The grounds and gardens of Petworth House. The gardens and lake were designed by Capability' Brown

Golden Gate from Battery Trailby Mike Hope

Golden Gate Bridge from Marshall Beach, late afternoon sun and cloud

Autumn Rush by Mike Hope

Autumn rush in the vineyards of Sonoma, California

Tree Pop by Mike Hope

Fruit Tree in Autumn in the Benziger Family Winery - Glen Ellen

Nat history museum

natural history museum London

Nude Bronze

shot at the V&A in London

Rose in Glass by Mike Hope

Just playing with old lenses and filters in LR

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Bath on the river Avon on a balmy September day last year. What a wonderful city to visit!!

Roman Stone Writing by Mike Hope

Original Stone in the Roman Baths in Bath, UK, with Latin writing that may be "Corelian" or similar and may relate to the ideal Roman woman "Cornelia" but I cannot be sure...

Soft Tu Lips B&W by Mike Hope

Afternoon sun from behind illuminating these fine tulips so I had to take a quick shot and though B&W would be good.

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Petworth Pot by Mike Hope

Petworth House UK

Stigma Tu by Mike Hope

Close up of droplet forming on a stigma

The Telephone Box Castle Combe

The Telephone Box Castle Combe, Wiltshire, The Street

Bridge to Autumn Revisited by Mike Hope

The bridge across the river "By Brook" to the Manor in Castle Combe UK on the edge of the Cotswolds. A magical "Harry Potter" village

Rainy Castle Combe

Castle Combe in Wiltshire, on of Britain's "Prettiest Villages" Really is a treat. This quaint village on the edge of the Cotswolds is a must visit for anyone traveling this part of the UK. Used for many film locations such as Steven Spielberg's War Horse, Wolf Man and Stardust. The Manor House Hotel is a Five Star Harry Potter treat and a wonderful experience set in 380 Acres of lush green countryside with a superb golf course!!

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Shot in mid September in the late afternoon in Bath in Avon and Somerset, UK. A beautiful city and historic roman remains. I had this up in color but thought it may be good in black and white! Hope you like it...

Bath on Avon by Mike Hope

Shot in mid September in the late afternoon in Bath in Avon and Somerset, UK. A beautiful city and historic roman remains

The Parade Gardens Bath Rev2

The beautiful Parade Gardens and bandstand in Bath, UK with "The Empire" listed historic building in the background now the home of Garfunkel's restaurant.

Chrysler Classic Eagle Hood Mascot By Mike Hope

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

Bugatti-Veyron Super Sport 300

STOP by Mike Hope

Stop Light on Classic old car on Redondo Pier

George H Ledcor Tug Boat

A photo taken while out whale watching off Vancouver Island of the George H Ledcor Tug Boat.

Bluff Cove by Mike Hope

Bluff Cove, Palos Verdes Coastline

Shadow Crystal

shot of yoga lalique macro and worked in black and white with old film effect. looks a little creepy and not what the real life piece gives off but its my interpretation of this nice yoga figure shot in natural light

Lonely Lifeguard by Mike Hope

Lifeguard hut on 8th in Manhattan Beach on a stormy weekend. Hardly anyone on the beach!!

Manhattan Beach surrealist

Taken from the Manhattan Beach Pier on a slightly overcast Saturday. Taken with 12 mm wide angle on Sony a6000

San Francisco Boats Mike Hope

Fishing Bioats in fisherman's Warf San Francisco

Taillights by Michael Hope

Tail lights of Classic Car in duo tone filter

Classic Chrysler Royal Wagon

Classic 1950 Chrysler Royal Woody

Bikes on Pier

Two bikes on Redondo Pier near some old pics of the pier from the 20's. Taken with an old FD Canon 28mm on Sony A7Rii in manual mode.

Hearst Castle Roman Pool

Hearst Castle Roman Pool on the central coast of California

Classic Ford Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Old Ford Hot-Rod on Redondo Pier, California

Near the Boardwalk

Redondo Beach with old FD

Midnight Dice by Mike Hope

Hot Rod with Dice from the Redondo Beach Classic Parade last weekend. used a little midnight filter for the dak effect.

Flaming Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Hot Rod with custom flame paint on Redondo Pier

Old Redondo High School House

Old Redondo High School Houseafter renovation. Taken and processed in black and white full spectrum

8 A Lobster at the LightHouse

8 A Lobster in San Francisco

Livin The Dream

Manhattan Pier fly over caught with an old Canon FD 300mm

Benziger Winery by Mike Hope

Beautiful Benziger Winery on Thanksgiving weekend in northern California

Hurst the Pool

Hurst Castle pool with old Nikon D-80

Golden Fog by Mike Hope

Golden Gate from Crissy fields on a foggy September day.

Manhattan Strand 2 by Mike Hope

Manhattan Beach Strand looking south from above the bike path

Man in Hat in Manhattan by Mike Hope

waling path on the strand Manhattan Beach toward the power station taken with 300 mm FD L on Canon 6D

Petworgate by Mike Hope

Petworth House Old Gate at the rear of the property leads to the old town some say back into time!!

Alcatraz Recovered by Mike Hope

This is a new rendition of Red Sky over Alcatraz. I did a little more work and liked this one much more... Hope you like it too!!

Escape from Alcatraz by Mike Hope

Gave this a rushing away from Alcatraz effect. An escape in blue...

Old Tony's by Mike Hope

First walk around with new Sony A7-Rii. Bright morning on the pier. Used an old 40mm Canon with auto focus converter and worked like a charm.

Black Bench Seat by Mike Hope

Wandering around with an old FD 100-300mm f/5.6 L and caught bench in the arly morning light and just gave it siome B&W old film look.

Beach Patrol Manhattan

Beach Patrol Manhattan Beach Pier at the weekend. Don't ride you bike!!

Deck Chair Lady

Going through a collection of old 35mm slides, I found this one and scanned it on an HP flat bed. I think this lovely lady is renting deck chairs. It could be in the UK as I think the newspaper is a Daily Mirror! Hope you like it!

Manhattan Police Motor Cycle by Mike Hope

Manhattan Police Motor Cycle on the Pier yesterday with a number of others. Fully Loaded!!

London Bobbies

London Bobbies, Police on the Beat!

Redondo Flags Mike Hope

Old Tony's at Sunset by Mike Hope

Old Tony's at sunset on Redondo Pier

Custom Blue Classic by Mike-Hope

Custom Classic car on Redondo Beach Pier

Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

A carnivorous pitcher plant or "Monkey Cup"

Lifeguard Station by Mike Hope (of )

Lifeguard station on Redondo Beach with the power station in the background. Taken with an old 200-300mm FD Lens on Canon 6D

Dusk Enfolds the Tree Two by Mike Hope.jpg

Walking around Golden Gate and Marshall Beach caught this tree and cloud that made such a good silhouette...

Mark di Suvero Sculpture by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Sculpture at Crissy Fields, San Francisco. Great steel sculptures set in beautiful park and water surrounds with Golden Gate Bridge as the back drop.

vision in focus

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Iron Artt by Mike Hope

Crissy Fields San Francisco Iron Sculpture

Off Duty by Mike Hope (of )

Lifeguard hut on Redondo beach with old Canon FD 300 mm hence narrow field of view for the close effect.

Turkey Buzzard by Mike Hope

A Turkey Buzzard captured circling with friends in the Glenn Ellen Hills in Sonoma

Light Reading by Mike Hope

One of the old rooms in the Manor Hotel, Castle Combe on the Cotswolds. Historic old manor house.

George Freeth Sufer

"The man who walked the water"

Brita by Mike Hope

Caught this morning while testing an old Canon FD lens that I converted to EOS using one of the EdMika kits

looking back

Modern decor classic style seat at Epic in Verona, Madison. It is on 1979 Milky Way

matching shoes

old roman tiles and shoes

Towers by Mike Hope

Century Park Tricorn Towers

Black Boy Pub in Winchester, UK

The Black Boy Pub, old eccentric brick a back it and will be back there... 1 Wharf Hill, Winchester, Hampshire


Butterfly by Mike Hope

Dark Tulip by Mike Hope

A tulip taken in natural afternoon light and placed on dark background layer with vignette effect.

Seductive is the Orchid by Mike Hope

A seductive orchid almost looks like a bird of prey in battle for the seductress of the orchid. Well that's my thought!! What do you think...

Orchid HP at the Conservatory of Flowers

Orchid at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco Golden Gate Park

Polly's on the Pier.jpg

Taken with old Canon FD 200-300mm zoom on canon Polly's on a small fishing pier in Redondo Beach. At the time I had to use a glass adapter so the lens would focus on the digital body but overall the colors are good if not the sharpest!

Summer in Glen Ellen by Mike Hope

Summer garden and meadow with wild flowers in Glen Ellen California

Colorful Orchid by Mike Hope.jpg

Taken at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

A seat at the Manor

Row of deck chairs facing the wear at the Manor Hotel in Castle Combe, UK

Bench Color Sail Seat

A bench in the Riviera in Redondo Beach

Coke by Mike Hope

An old coke can I cannot abandon! I don't know why but it speaks to me!!

Interior Deezine by Mike Hope

Magazine on the table with Sony 35mm 1.8

Talking to the palms

palm trees in Veterans park

Manhattan the Pier by Mike Hope

Manhattan the Pier by Mike Hope just before the storms

Power on the Beach.jpg

A Sunday Bike Ride on the beach in Manhattan

Lily of the Lake by Mike Hope

A day at echo Park.... Inspiring in some inner natural beauty of LA

SoftSun by Mike Hope

Soft close up of Sun flower with bokeh effect...

Palm & Trees

Test of the three shot bracket on 35mm 1.8

VW Camper Speedupby Mike Hope

A VW Camper shot in UK last year and given some B7W speed up treatment

Natural History Skylight by Mike Hope.jpg

Taken in London of the historic building of 1881. The skylight is decorated with gold iron work and usually goes unnoticed. There is so much to see that I thought the architecture was some of the most fascinating and a testament for the Victorian and Albert era...

VW on a Kodak moment

Old VW camper in Petworth UK with a Kodak filter and a bit of speed for motion.

The Man who Knows by Mike Hope

The Magicopolis store and theatre in Santa Monica

The Laycock Poppy

Walking around Laycock Abbey and Fox Talbot Museum, I caught this easel and still life set up. The museum is an old abbey set in rural Wiltshire,and was the home of the very first photograph taken anywhere in the world by William Henry Fox Talbot. Some say he was the inventor of photography. So glad to have got there and snapped a picture of the original " Latticed Window"

R-10 Social House Mike Hope

Shot with old Canon FD 200-300mm L on 6D

Dash by Mike Hope

Auto dash captured on Redondo Pier Classic Car Exhibition

Maggie May and Cedric the Seagull

A female pirate skeleton on Redondo Beach Board walk on a sailboat. Part of a very clever display...


A surfer on Manhattan Beach

Crissy Iron by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Iron Sculpture at Crissy Field, San Francisco

old Rolls Royce

Old Rolls Royce at the links in Liphook

Ferrari Berlinetta Wheel

Brand New Berlinetta by Ferrari


Classic Car Show at Redondo Beach Pier

Dark Walk.jpg

Shot with old FD 5.6 L series 100-300 mm on Sony a6000

Pier Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Shot on the Sony AR7Rii wide angle multi exposure app (40) to smooth the waves

Happy Haloween Two

Just a quick test of Canon 40mm on Sony A7Rii

Steel Balls Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero Steel Sculpture at Crissy fields in San Francisco

Spring Wheel Barrow by Mike-Hope

Flower Barrow at the Botanical Gardens Palos Verdes

Mark di Suvero Vintage effect

Mark di Suvero Vintage effect from the steel sculpture in Crissy Fields San Francisco. Just thought a little vintage effect brought out more moodyness!

Dark Beams by Mike Hope

Mark di Suvero iron girder sculptures in Crissy Fields, San Francisco. Used a vintage film effect and post b&w to get the effect.

LAX Double Encounters

Another take on the iconic LAX Encounters Tower. The restaurant is now closed. This was at duck and then mirrored.

The Buoy of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island with Buoy in the foreground

Jus Tu by Mike Hope

Two Tulips in the evening light.

The Street Castle Combe

The main street Castle Combe on the Bybrook River. Taken in late afternoon sun.

StoneHenged Again by Mike Hope

StoneHenged again out on the plain

Benziger Glen Ellen

The beautiful winery of the Benziger family in Glen Ellen, Northern California. A wonderful place for a day out and a visit to the Jack London estate!! My favorite retreat!!

Ferrari Berlinetta F12

Brand New Ferrari Berlinetta F12 at Northbrook Park, Farnham UK

Time Moves On by Mike Hope

Thought you might like to take a look at this one. I took a shot of an ornamental gift clock / weigh machine in a great curio shop in Arrowhead. Hand held with the Canon EOS-M and a 40mm lens on f/2.8 in low light so I could get a narrow depth of field and natural look.Then I applied some oil paint effects in post to give it the oiled canvas look, adjusting light contrast etc. as I went. Let me know what you think?

Grand Canyon Vista by Mike Hope

A Little rework on this... this is one of the grand canyon shots from the helicopter shot while moving pretty fast with a canon 60D and 24-105mm lens. I was trying to hold steady!! I took another look and warmed this up a little to give it more depth. Hope you like it!

Paradise in Glen Ellen

Beautiful Country retreat in Glenn Ellen, N. California

Turning of the Leaf

Glen Ellen Botanicals QuarryHill

Spring Snow by Mike Hope

Spring Snow in the San Bernardino National Forest. This is on the way up to Keller Peak and is really beautiful!

Old Town Canoe, Glen Ellen QuarryHill

Madison Bikes by Mike Hope

Madison Rental Bikes

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path Sunday afternoon.

Soft Sunflower

A sunflower taken in natural light with an old 50mm FD Lens on Canon 6D.

Sun up at Grand Canyon Mike-Hope

Shot taken early morning just as the sun was breaking over the rim of the Grand Canyon. Quiet and cold. Perfect time to view it and watch as the majesty unfolds!!

Umbrella Crop

Umbrellas at small cafe near Dockweiler State Beach. Just liked the light coming through!

Golden Square 1807 Classic Piano

Old Petworth Piano 1807

Shoe Shine Man by Mike Hope

This is an old 35 mm slide from Mr. Jack Chernoff's collection that I had the fortune to be able to go through. I really like this picture. I scanned it on an old HP and uploaded as is as I did not want to detract from the original

Buenos Aires Street Theatre Mike Hope

Buenos Aires Street Theatre

Cuba Photos Etc. Street

A street seller / photograher with some exceptional photographs from Cuba

Surf Party

A phot taken on a fuji instamatic and taken on a mag with surfer.

Hermosa Skate Board Crew

Lucky to get this as I was waiting for OMOE shot for KujajA. Just before 2:00 PM on the 21st. So I quickly got it in.

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

Grand Canyon Flyover in Black and White

2001 Miniture Set by Mike Hope

Model Set of 2001 a Space Odyssey from the final scenes. Taken with the EOS-M and given a Black and White treatment

Aloe Red Spear

Aloe Spear, Aloe arborescens in flower at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes this weekend in the rain!

Golden Gate Bridge on Oil by Mike Hope

The Golden Gate Bridge caught on the fly with the 6D as I was running out of space. Was a bit blurred but a nice shot so I gave it some oil paint treatment in PS.

Warming Hut by Mike-Hope

The Warming Hut! Crissy Fields, San Francisco

Bridged Over by Mike Hope

Bridge of Iron Golden Gate

Old Classic in Presidio San Francisco

old classic car shot in Presidio Park next to the historic naval houses.

Scattergood by the Sea

Scattergood Power Station by Manhattan Beach

Moody Golden Gate from Marshall by Mike Hope

Golden Gate from Marshall Beach in San Francisco. Late afternoon on a rainy day just as the sun broke through...

The Old Work Boat by Mike Hope

Old work boat from Sausalito near San Francisco.

Garden Rose mm FD by Mike Hope

Garden Rose old film 75-200mm f/4.5 FD lens ($39) on a Canon 6D hand held on a windy day!! Ask me how!! Actually using a glass adapter from Japan to make it work. So far I am impressed.

The Summer Rose

A Summer Rose from the garden, taken with a Rokinon 35mm manual focus f/1.4. Hand held no IS

Summer Rose Tu by Mike Hope

A photo from the garden using a 35mm 1.4 Rokinon hand held on the Canon 6D

F-TYPE Jaguar in UK Stripe

F-Type Jaguar captured in Santa Monica. Nice but not as well made as they used to be! Or perhaps I'm just nostagic!

Lacma Lamps Mike Hope

Los Angeles County Museum of Art in LA Old gas lamps

The Pier Usunder by Mike Hope

Under the Pier at Manhattan

Old Gas Lamps LACMA

Old Gas Lamps from the 20's and 30's from Los Angeles and brought together at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Castle Combe Oil by Mike Hope

Castle Combe Oil Effect

S. Pier Life Guard Hut by Mike Hope

Lifeguard hut on the south side of Manhattan Pier on the beginning of a stormy day.

Petworth House Crimson Sky

Petworth House with sky enhanced. Sort of classic look.

Oast Houses by Mike Hope

Oast House in Sissinghurst Gardens in Kent, UK. Very dear to me and close to where my mother was born. Beatiful historic gardens made famous by Rita Sackville-West... From wiki: An oast, oast house or hop kiln is a building designed for kilning (drying) hops as part of the brewing process. They can be found in most hop-growing (and former hop-growing) areas and are often good examples of vernacular architecture. Many redundant oasts have been converted into houses.

Old Cottage with clock in Lacock

old Tudor cottage in Lacock, uk. the home of the very first photo.

Coast Guard House by Mike Hope

Historic Coast Guard House in Crissy Fields, San Francisco.

Californian Poppies by Mike Hope

Californian Poppies South Coast Botanical

Picture the Sunset by Mike Hope

The sunsetv at Manhattan old camera style

Daffodil Old FD

Daffodil taken with an old FD 100-300 mm f/5.6 L lens with the Canon 6D

Ze Floral c by Mike Hope

Black and White floral

Glen Ellen in the Trees

Shot last November at Glen Ellen during Thanksgiving. Really love this place!

The Path to Power by Mike Hope

On the road to power. Heading towards Dockweiler Beach past the Scattergood Power Plant.

Dark Enfolds the Tree by Mike Hope

Around The Golden Gate Park

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post

Redondo Beach Life Guard Post at twilight. Taken on January 1st, 2013. Hand held Canon EOS-M

Castle Combe the Lane by Mike Hope

Castle Combe Village lane toward the Manor. These cottages are park of the Manor estate and can be rented out. This is a beautiful village at the edge of the Cotswolds. Many movies including War Horse have used as their locations

Old Taps at Petworth

Old taps on brass containers at Petworh House kitchen.

Manhattan Pier Sunset

Manhattan Pier Sunset

Evening on Crescent Lake by Mike Hope

Lake Crescent is a deep lake located entirely within Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington, United States, approximately 17 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington on U.S. Route 101 and nearby to the small community of Piedmont. Wikipedia

Just Another Sunset by Mike Hope

Another shot from last Sunday on the pier. This has more color and warmth! Also I think the seagul adds some depth and movement,

Redondo Pier Sunset by Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Suset shot from the other side of the pier with the Canon EOS-M 22mm

Long Horns of Dartmoor

Quarry Autumn by Mike Hope

Quarry Botanical Autumn leaves in Glen Ellen; From their site:Founded in 1987, Quarryhill is one of the pre-eminent Asian botanical gardens globally, featuring one of the largest collections of documented, wild-collected Asian plants in the world. It is centrally located for Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties as well as greater Northern California.

Wild Orchard Grapes by Mike Hope

Pucks Oak Barn and Wild Orchard in Compton, Surrey near London UK. Stumbled across it when traveling up from Hampshire.

Santa Monica Sign by Mike Hope

A shot of the Santa Monica Pier sign as we were crossing over.

Plymouth Hotel by Mike Hope

A little Oily treatment of the Hotel flowers

Kincaids on the Pier by Mike Hope

Kincaids on Redondo Pier

Encounters at LAX

A closer view of the iconic Encounters Restaurant (now closed) at LAX Los Angeles Airpor. Taken in the twilight on the top of parking structure Number One

Redondo Sun

Redondo Pier Just before sunset

Harbor King by Mike Hope

Harbor King sign on pier 43 San Francisco Warf

Sissinghurst Tilt-shift by Mike Hope

This is a Tilt–shift rendition of Sissinghurst in Kent. It has the "Toy" look to it be fading out the focus of foreground and background. Just playing with it to see what effect I can get!

Fire Truck by Mike Hope

Old Fire Truck on Redondo Pier Classic Car parade

Chevrolet by Mike Hope

Chevrolet Classic Truck

Ford by Mike Hope

Classic Ford

Classic Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Classic Hot Rod on redondo Pier

Hot Rod by Mike Hope

Classic Hot Rod on redondo Pier

The Roman Baths

Old historical Roman Baths in the City of Bath in the UK. Hot geothermal springs still bubble up and hot water from deep underground still makes its way through channels started in 70 AD.

VW by Mike Hope

Old VW Camper Van in great classic condition

On the Rocks B&W by Mike Hope

On the Rocks in Manhattan Beach, California, Stormy weekend

Redondo Beach Pier - Mike Hope

A windy day in Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Jack London Vineyards Glen Ellen

Jack London Vineyards Glen Ellen, taken in November last year. One of my favorite places.

The African Drum - Mike Hope

A drum carved from a tree trunk by Umbele Makaya

Marine Tower Sausalito

Marine tower shot in Sausalito, San Francisco. This one is in color which pops a little more...

Golden Gate from Grissy Fields

Golden Gate from Crissy Field in the fog. Just waiting for it to clear.

Mark di Suvero Iron Sculpture at Crissy Field

Mark di Suvero Iron Sculpture at Crissy Field San Francisco

Under the Bridge PinHole K32

Under the Bridge, Golden Gate San Francisco. Pin Hole effect K32

Crissy Fields Historic Coast Guard House

Crissy Fields Historic House, former coast guard station near San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Glen Ellen Lake Mike-Hope

Glen Ellen near Sonoma Northern California. Taken on Thanksgiving

Paradise in Glen Ellen - Mike-Hope

A beautiful spot to relax and unwind In the heart of the wine country close to Sonoma.

Old Tony's Redondo Pier

Old Tony's Redondo Pier - shot hand held with Canon EOS-M. Early evening.

The Bridge from Fort Scott

The Golden Gate Bridge taken from Fort Scott near Presidio Park, California.

Golden Black and White

Golden Gate in Black and White

Golden Gate at Marshall Beach

The Golden Gate taken at Marshall Beach on a stormy Thanksgiving weekend.

Sunflower close up

Sunflower close up on windowsill

Sunflower Vibrance2

Vibrant Sunflower HDR with Vibrantfilter

Bel Air Classic Car

Chevy Bel Air Classic Car

Keep Off

Keep Off Splash Wall!! Who knows what will happen to you!!

Ford DeLuxe - Mike Hope

Ford DeLuxe Classic Car.

Classic Woodie - Mike Hope

Classic Woodie Crop, Side mirror by Mike Hope. Nash Suburban circa 1940

Pier Rules

No fun on the pier!!

Victoria Scales Weigh Machine - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

A Weigh Machine with a little Sin City Filter on Redondo Pier by Mike Hope

Parking Level 7 or is it a Squid? - Mike Hope

A wall painting on Redondo Beach pier parking structre given a Cubist treatment in post. Using SmartPhoto editor.


Sector Nine

Sector Nine Longboard seats. Watermans, Hermosa Beach

George Freeth by Mike Hope

George Freeth famous Amirican surfer and lifeguard accredited with ieveloping the rescue paddleboard and the rescue can.

Coke Can

Old Coke Can kicking around Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Sector 9 Long Boards Black & White

Sector 9 Skateboard seats at the Watermans, Hermosa Beach

High Voltage - Mike Hope

High Voltage sign on a doorway on Redondo Beach Pier

Make The Call!! Mike Hope!

A little Disconnected!! Phone Booth Redondo Beach by Mike Hope

Surfs Up - Mike Hope

Caution Surfs Up sign on Redondo Beach Promenade by Mike Hope

Caution Surfs Up

Surfs Up Sign on gate Redondo Beach Esplanade

Bird over mist

Just came into view whilst getting the shot of the mist over the ocean by Mike Hope

Roxanna in PV

The trail at the top of Crenshaw. Spectacular views down to Abalone cove and Catalina Island beyond

White flowers - Mike Hope

On the nature trail - white flowers

Got Tickets! Mike Hope

Photo of Ticket Booth for Boat Rides by Mike Hope

Cuba Photos Mike Hope

Taken near Pier 39 in San Francisco.


Epic Campus, Madison - Mike Hope

An amazing complex

Pasty Shop by Mike Hope

Plymouth Pasty Shop in Plymouth UK by Mike Hope

2000 AOS

The Bikini Shop - Mike Hope

Bikini and Towel shop in Venice Beach California

Summer of Color - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Life Guard Hut

Summer of Color 2

Redondo Beach Life Guard hut

Red Ford Hot-Rod

Red Ford Hot-Rod taken on Hermosa Pier with the Canon EOS-M hand held

Capitol Building Madison Mike Hope

Madison Capitol Building, wisconsin

La Boca Buenos Aires

Colorful streets and Tango

Yosemite Lake

Guilt and a Morris Minor

A lingerie store in Haselmere, Hampshire

Moody El Capitan

Yosemite National Park

Summer of Color 3 - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Life guard hut

London Bus in Argentina - Mike Hope

A full on London Bus in Argentina complete with authentic number plate!

Classic car in Buenos Aires - Mike Hope

Old Classic in Buenos Aires Street

La Boca Window

Such a colorful place

Ovation Guitar

Ovation Guitar

Cowdray House

Beautiful Midhurst UK

Old Scrabble Board - Mike Hope

I saw this on a trip to Ojai. Sitting on a table so I got a quick shot!

Century City Buildings - Mike Hope

Century Park East Towers

Morning Rose - Mike Hope

A rose in the early morning dew

The Windmill

The windmill at Shrine Lake LA

The White flowers II

White flowers on the trail with the right fluffy background clouds

Twin Daisy

Two Daisies joined in a merge of color

The door to Winchester Cathedral

A magnificent Cathedral in Winchester. Over 1000 years old! You can even find the "Round Table" here in Winchester. The ancient capital of Wessex and former capital of England!

Parliament, The Wall of Windows - Mike Hope

Part of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. So many windows and detail. Very Gothic!

Parliament is Moody!

A Gothic look to Parliament

Horses in the morning

Hiking in Palos Verdes on the Crenshaw trail. Catalina Island in the distance through morning mist.

Getty Villa WIndow

The Lady of Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market area

The Castle, Tower of London

The castle taken from the moat

Ancient Window

An Ancient window looking out of the Tower

Giant Aloe Vera - Mike Hope

Taken outside Santa Barbara Mission in the early evening light - A giant Aloe Vera probably 8 feet tall!

Heaps Peak Fence - Mike Hope

Heaps Peak Trial, Lake Arrowhead

Toms Shoe Drop

Christmas in Buenos Aries at the Shoe Drop

The Windmill

Shrine Lake windmill

The Swallows of Iguazu Falls

The swallows flying below us around the swirling waters of the falls

Slow or Fast

78RPM Old record Player Speed dial

Pual Reed Smith - Guitar Fret

PRS Guitar fret close up showing inlayed bird design

Ovation - Guitar - Acoustic

Ovation guitar bridge close-up

Hampshire Constabulary

Inside a Crypt

Interesting Cross in La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires. A fascinating Place.

La Recoleta Cemetery - Mike Hope

B&W of interesting Cross inside La Recoleta Cemetery crypt, Buenos Aires

Stone Henge

Cobbles Ice Cream

Cobbles Ice Cream Van in Plymouth UK

Barbican Pasty Shop

Plymouth Barbican traditional Pasty Shop

The old Plymouth Gin

Black Friars Distillery, Plymouth England

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves in Glen Ellen near Sonoma, California

Cowdray Park Old Store House

Old Barn Cowdray Park

From Wikipedia: The estate is home to the Cowdray Park Polo Club, one of the leading polo clubs in the United Kingdom. The sport has been played here for over 100 years. Over 450 polo matches are held at the park each season and the highlight of the polo season is the annual Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup.

The old light house - Mike Hope

Situated on Pacific Coast Highway 1, california

The artists colony - Mike Hope

La Boca streets in Argentina. A fantastic, colorful, lively artist community

Drying Canvas

La Boca streets in Argentina.

Iguazu Falls

Awe Inspiring Iguazu Falls - Amazing Natural Beauty!!

No way of theWave by Mike Hope

Lots of watery stuff and some waves

Iguazu Falls - Mike Hope

Tremendous beauty, awe-inspiring at its very literal. It will move you!!

The Cicada - Mike Hope

Tropical Iguazu Falls, Argentina. An abundance of wildlife and beauty.

The Beauty of Iguazu

So much splendor, the surroundings are awesome!

Iguazu Falls

One of the most awesome of the world's natural wonders, Iguazu Falls is an experience of a lifetime. Located primarily in Argentina, the falls are in a semi-tropical jungle ecosystem. These majestically powerful cascades are considerably higher and much wider than Niagara Falls. © 1998-2009 Discover Uruguay

Farnham Keep - Mike Hope

Motte and shell keep of Farnham Castle, Surrey, founded in 1138 by Bishop Henry of Blois.

Beefeater, Yeoman of the Guard - Mike Hope

Yeomen Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Members of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman of the Guard Extraordinary (Wikipedia) Tower of London, UK

Wedding Gown

A lucky shot in Palos Verdes Botanical Gardens just before a wedding ceremony


Trying on a mask at La Boca street market

Roxanna in The Castle

TwoUp Tulips

Tulips under natural light re-processed in lightroom using custom filters

TuClose - Tulip - Mike Hope

Natural Light Tulip, Lightroom Crop and filter. Prints out large and looks dramatic! Mike Hope

Tulip Splash

A really vibrant tulip with natural light beaming through. Prints large and looks great!


The Neighborhood Church - Mike Hope

Beautiful Neighborhood Church in Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates, California. Mike Hope

What car is this?

Westminster, Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament, Palace of westminster, Gothic Building, designed by Sir Charles Barry

Iguazu Falls

Another shot of this most incredible place. You have to be there to appreciate the magnificence and power!!

Do It In a Corvette Mike Hope

Corvette circa 1958


Thistles on the nature trail in PV

Arundel Castle - Mike Hope

Arundel Castle, West Sussex UK, dates back to 1138

Arundel Castle wall

Arundle Castle, West Sussex UK, dates back to 1138. A great experience!

US Army WWII Ambulance

Shot in Back Bay off PCH

Entrance to The Tower

Tower of London Entrance Arch


Chevy Power Glide - Mike Hope

1950's Chevy

Aston Martin DB5

My favorite car! Shot in The Old Thorns Golf Club and Hotel near Liphook Hampshire, UK

The writing room

The Jack London Museum in Glen Ellen

US Flag

US Flag shot on a perfect day at the Huntington Gardens near Pasadena. Well worth a visit


Fresh spring grass shot in the Palos Verdes hills. Simple and clean!

Blackfriars Bridge - London - Mike Hope

Blackfriars Bridge over the river Thames in London England

Corvette X-Flag - Mike Hope

Corvette X-Flag emblem circa 58 Shot outside the Mermaid in Hermosa Beach


Cowdray Castle, Midhurst


Old Shed Cowdray Park

Old store shed propped up on stone supports.


Towards sunset

Girls in La Boca

La Boca a fascinating and colorful place

Lamp holder

Crab Shack Light

Too Hot for the Beach

A Combo of dramatic sky and beach up on Pacific Coast Highway.

Lalique 2 - Crystal

iPad was used as backdrop by Mike Hope

Yoga Lalique

Yoga positions, Lalique

Lalique Yoga with iPad Back Drop

Lalique Crystal, taken with iPad as backdrop finished in lightroom and PS elements. Natural Light.

Winchester Cathedral Stained Glass

Red only filter applied in lightroom.

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire UK

Winchester Cathedral B&W

Palace Gate

Arch Gate outside Buckingham Palace

Westminster Houses of Parliament

Parliament is moody!

The Cross, La Recoleta Cemetery

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aire, Argentina

Cobbles Ice Cream

Ice Cream Van, Plymouth England



Stone Henge Autumn Filter

This is one of a series using Brian Wheelers Gold Autumn filter. I like the stark effect.

Stone Henge

2nd shot with Brian Wheelers Gold Autumn



Stone Henge series with Autumn Gold filter by Brian Wheeler

Stoned Henged

Autumn Gold filter for stark contrast by Mike Hope

Blue Lincoln

This car had such a good color but also has an impact with only blue left in

The Windmill

Taken at Lake Shrine in LA on an old Panasonic Leica

Trumpet Flower - Mike Hope

Taken at the Botanical Gardens in Palos Verdes


The Magnificent Iguazu

Majestic, Magnificent and stunning Iguazu falls Argentina!

BandShell Wall Art, Veterans Park, Redono Beach

Alas the Bandshell has now been demolished along with the Mural and is no longer there!! This is an extract from the City of Redondo...Created by Los Angeles artist Ray Constantine, the panoramic three-sided Bandshell includes the magnificent old Hotel Redondo, a beach scene with bathing beauties, a Pacific Electric red car, various ladies and gentlemen out for an afternoon stroll, and the old downtown. (Copyright © 2001-2008, City of Redondo Beach)

Summer of Color 2010 - Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Summer of Color by Mike Hope

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty

Ruby Life Guard Off Duty


Ruby Life Guard Hut Slim Crop

Hollywood Cosmic Smoke - Mike Hope

A picture taken of the Hollywood Sign and reworked with a cosmic smoke filter

Color Bite

On the trail the early summer flowers are out!

Color Rush - Spring

Taken on the secret trail in Palos Verdes. It is great this time of year

Quarter Horse Trail

On the trail in PV

Catalina Sunshine

A shot of some daisy's with Catalina in the background just after the mist had lifted. A really clear day!! by Mike Hope

Delicious Color

A Burst of flavorful color at the LA Nat History Museum Gardens


LA Museum garden in bloom by Mike Hope

Soft Rose

You can almost smell it!!

Rock Wall Mike Hope

New Rock wall Lightroomed a bit. LA Natural History

Shadi Z!!

The Wonderful , Talented Shadi ZZ!! by Mike Hope

Butterfly - Mike Hope

A picture taken at LA Natural History and re-worked with an art filter

Enter At Your Own Risk Mike Hope

Sign given some metal grunge treatment with the ocean in the background

Classic Ford DeLuxe

Circa 1948 Classic Ford Deluxe Dash

Bel Air Classic Chevy, Cowl Induction Mike-Hope

Chevy Bel Air Classic Car, Cowl Induction shot by Mike Hope

Steamed on Request Male or Female - Mike Hope

Local crabs male or female steamed on request. Sign on Redondo Pier Boardwalk by Mike Hope

Redondo Beach Waterfront - Mike Hope

Street sign at Redondo Beach Pier by Mike Hope

Fun Factory - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

The Fun Factory on Redondo Beach Pier by Mike Hope

Fun Factory B&W - Redondo Beach - Pier - Mike Hope

Fun Factory Sign Redondo Beach Pier

Turn To Clear Vision - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

Bi-Nocular Telescope on Redondo Beach Pier.

George Freeth - Redondo Pier - Mike Hope

"Father of Modern Surfing" Bronze on Pier - George Freeth

Sector Nine - Longboards

Sector Nine Boards. Part of a seat outside the Watermans on Hermosa Beach

Cowdray Park Castle

Cowdray Park UK, England

Sector9 - LongBoards RED - Mike Hope

Sector9 Long Boards with red filter treatment by Mike Hope

Scrabble Board - Collectors - Mike-Hope

Old Scrabble Board by Mike Hope. Saw this in Ojai at the Resort and Spa. It is a collectors special wood edition and really looked great. Caught hand held with the Canon 60D

Old Cart in Garden

Cart wheel